The Leap

homechoice-new-officeAs a budding company, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation started out in June 2006 renting office spaces. The company was first located at Tiano – Akut streets in Divisoria and then transferred to one of Pueblo de Oro’s commercial building. It was in April 2, 2013 that HPCC began to realize its plan of having an own office and held its groundbreaking at Golden Glow North Arcade.

And now after almost a year of constructing the HPCC Commercial Building, the company has finally transferred to its new office. This time around, the company is the owner of the building. new-office-blessingLast March 18, HPCC had its office blessing that was ministered by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon and members of the First Assembly of God Church. Though the commercial building isn’t finished yet, HPCC has already made the big leap to transfer to its new office. HPCC Commercial Building is a proposed four storey building and as of now, it has built up to the second floor only; but the remaining two storey of the building will soon be constructed. And we just can’t wait to see the completion of the four storey building.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has indeed grown to be a successful company. And up until now, it still continues to grow and prosper by venturing into new innovations and technology. HPCC has reached to where it is now because of God’s grace. Since the time that the company has started its mission of being blessed to be a blessing; the company’s blessing from God has never stopped since then. And truly, everything that the company has, it owes it all to the Lord Almighty.

This leap that HPCC has made is just the start of the many big leaps that waits ahead of the company. Glory to God!