HPCC invades Kampo Juan

28337857_1556479777740368_1182076867770352495_oIt has been a year or two since HPCC last conducted a team building activity among the staffs. There were outside company activities last year but it was mostly together with the construction workers. This year, as a head start for the year 2018, HPCC goes to Kampo Juan, Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon to conduct an Admin Enhancement activity.

The Admin Enhancement was an overnight activity packed with challenging and fun activities. February 23, 2018, counted as our day 1, we were encouraged by the word of God preached by Pastor Elpie Taboclaon and Pastora Arnanie Taboclaon from the CDO First Assembly of God church. After the fellowship and dinner, we proceeded to our next activity which was the dream board presentation. Then the final activity of the night was the spider web challenge; because it was a challenging task, it was one of the highlights of the overnight admin 28336784_1556482377740108_5245987120358930391_o enhancement. We have capped off the night accomplishing the spider web challenge within four hours. Congratulations team for the job well done!

On the next day, the activities were more interactive; we had the chance to get to know more about each members of the team. Before departing from Kampo Juan, we were given the opportunity to tour around the place and experience the antique and ancient feels inside Kampo Juan’s heritage house. And just a brief history of the heritage house, it was originally from Pangasinan and then brought to Bukidnon piece by piece and assembled back to its original structure and look. Isn’t it amazing?

28336527_1556485044406508_5341435405697671681_oIndeed, the activity has enhanced the admin in different aspects. It has taught the staffs the essence of teamwork, which is trust. And that in teamwork, for it to work effectively, just remember the 5 Cs – Consecrate, Concentrate, Communicate, Cultivate and Celebrate.

Over all, the admin enhancement experience is a great activity to start the year and Kampo Juan is a perfect place to retreat, reflect and recharge. Until then!