It’s more fun in Mapawa Nature Park

mapawa-adventure-park-hpccIt’s a whole new adventure for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation as they took the time off from work and spent their holiday at Mapawa Nature Park last 25th of February. They say that you only live once and so you shouldn’t miss every opportunity that comes your way. And with this, the HPCC staffs and RPM Realty agents didn’t miss the opportunity to conquer the extreme course of river trekking and canyoneering. Along the river trek course, there were four different challenges to face; the 25ft water slide, rappelling, 20ft water jump and 65ft canyoneering. It wasn’t an easy course for the staffs and agents as some of them have fear of heights and some doesn’t know how to swim. The course that took them longer to accomplish was the 20ft water jump. It was indeed a very tough one because it has to do with the person’s decision to jump or not to jump. Others may have taken long to decide but in the end, everybody was able to take that leap of faith.

mapawa-adventure-park-hpccThe different challenges may have cause stress and anxiety due to the staffs and agents’ fears but they were able to conquer it all. They haven’t missed out the chance to face the test in conquering their fears. It has been a realization for everyone that in life, one cannot proceed to the next course if they won’t face the trials or problems that comes their way. There are only two choices, it’s either they face everything and rise or forget everything and run. And as for the HPCC staffs and RPM Realty agents, they chose to face the challenges and rise at the end of the activity.

The Mapawa Nature Park adventure was indeed a YOLO moment to treasure. Extreme adventures like sliding from a 25ft waterfalls, jumping from a 20ft cliff or 65ft canyoneering are things that shouldn’t be missed. It’s not every day that you get to do all these extreme adventure stuff. Thanks to Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation for giving their staffs the opportunity to experience those extreme adventure. Extreme fun and extreme adventure at its best; it’s definitely more fun in Mapawa Nature Park. Congratulations conquerors and overcomers! Till the next adventure!