Synergized at Chali Beach Resort

team-building-2015Last 24th and 25th of July, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation held its overnight Team Building Activity for the leaders and staff at Chali Beach Resort. The activity was handled and facilitated by one of the renowned training and consulting group in Cagayan de Oro; the MCIC Consulting led by Ms. Maria Christina Concepcion.

It was not the usual team building where it was concentrated in physical activities; yes, there were some physical activity but the activities prepared for the whole day of the 25th was more of measuring the emotional and intellectual quotients of the participants. The one and a half day team building was more about developing the participants’ personalities. From dream-board presentations to problem solving a given situation; creative cooperation was really at work within the leaders and staff.

Team Building is a process where people bring all their personal experience and expertise to the table. The team building activities taught its participants the value of teamwork and appreciate open-mindedness. Each participant found also an adventure in finding new solutions to old problems. Through this synergizing process, better relationship was established and personalities hpcc-team-building-2015were greatly developed. This team building activity is part of HPCC’s continuous improvement for leaders, staff and also for the company. It has indeed helped the participants in molding their character. And with this, more activities and seminars are in the workers hopes.

Cheers to the successful activity and warmest gratitude to MCIC for their help. Looking forward for another partnership with MCIC Consulting Group!