The sweet escape to Mapawa Nature Park

13001289_971809739540711_16479921718014900_nWorking eight hours for six days a week can be stressful and tiring; especially with those workers doing heavy labor under the heat of the sun. And when we’re tired and stress from work, all we want to do is have a day off from work just to let our body rest and do some recreation. In what way can we relieve the stress? A sweet escape from work.

As for rest and recreation, HPCC together with its sister companies RPM Realty, Carniella General Merchandise and R3 Marketing held its joint team building activity at Mapawa Nature Park last 16th of April. The staffs and workers of the aforementioned companies took a one day off from work and spent their rest and recreation at the said nature park. The team building activity was facilitated by the Mapawa Nature Park team. There were five challenges prepared each with different objectives and goals. Even with different objectives and goals, in the end, the challenges taught the participants one thing – teamwork. There may have been some clash of characters and a little misunderstanding in the duration of the activities but it all ended well. The participants have indeed brought home good learning from the activity.

13006652_971812039540481_9070960465201017679_nThe rest and recreation didn’t just end with the activities that were given by the facilitators of Mapawa Nature Park team. As a reward for the teams’ effort in accomplishing the challenges; the participants were given the opportunity to try out Mapawa’s amenities such as ziplining and 20ft water jump. It’s really good to see that even for just one day of sweet escape, the workers and staffs had enjoyed their time off from work. In a way, even if the team building was all challenging, it has helped them to somewhat alleviate their stress and let them thought of things other than work.

The team building was indeed a great sweet escape. Thanks to Mapawa Nature Park for the warm accommodation. Kudos to the teams! HPCC, RPM Realty, Carniella General Merchandise and R3 Marketing. Until then!