HCP Foremen’s Dahilayan Escapade

Looking back, HomeChoice Planners has indeed grown into a bigger company. In line with the company’s growth are the numerous houses that were built and still building. Construction workers have also increased in number; thanks to them because they are the one’s responsible for each successful project. And behind these workers are their mentors and leaders; foremen as what they are called in the construction field. The foremen’s good leadership is what makes the construction workers’ performance well.

Being a foreman is not an easy job; they are the engineer’s right hand. They stay on construction sites, checking the progress of the projects and monitoring the workers under them. Work, work, work. This is what they think and do in order for them to have a better future. They work hard just to provide everything for their family. In working their butts off, they forget to give their self some me time; time to chill and relax.

As part of the company’s thanksgiving; thanksgiving for all the boons and success that the Lord has given to us, HomeChoice Planners also gave the foremen and leadmen a time to have fun. Last November 24, 2012, they had a time off from work and went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. They were given the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the amenities in the park. Some of the foremen conquered the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline and others drove the ATV rides along bumpy roads.

It was a one day spent for their self; me time as what they say. The foremen and leadmen surely enjoyed their one day escapade at Dahilayan; it was indeed a rollicking adventure. Kudos to them!