HPCC’s Continual Improvement

hpcc-continual-improvementAs part of HPCC’s continual improvement, internal audits are held every trimester to check the process of the company. Internal Auditors roam around per department, assessing and inspecting the procedure of each department. The auditors see to it that each department has followed every process in their procedure manuals; checking if there any improvements and non-conformances.

Last April, the company had held its very first internal audit and management review after being ISO certified. At that time, there were a lot of things that needs improvement and non-conformances were found. This time around, internal audit for second trimester was done last August 6 and 7. The second management review was then followed at Seda Hotel last August 8; wherein the audit results and progress ISO-continual-improvement-hpccreport of each department was presented. The results for the second internal audit were gradually improving compared to the first internal audit; showing that each department continually improves their abidance to the standard procedures. Though there are still non-conformances, rewards and incentives were still given to all workers and staff for the improved results.

Internal auditing and management review reporting are all part of HPCC’s growth and continuous improvement. These things are vital tools in the company’s competence with its quality management system. And with this, HPCC continues to pave its way towards excellence following its vision, mission and quality policy. Cheers to the continuous success of HPCC!