The Graduation: John Maxwell Seminar

john-maxwell-seminarVolume Three of John Maxwell’s Leadership notebook has come to its conclusion. The renowned train the trainers’ seminar has concluded its last notebook last August 1 and 2. The volume three training module of John Maxwell’s leadership lessons are composed of six notebooks. In each notebook, specific topics about leadership are discussed in there.

For the first time, the said Leadership Training was held at CDO First Assembly of God Church. The venue was filled with delegates that came from different cities of Visayas and Mindanao. And once again, the HPCC staff and RPM Realty agents had the opportunity to participate in the said leadership seminar. Like all the attendees, the HPCC staff and RPM Realty agents were equipped again with lessons that would grow and mould them as future leaders.

maxwell-training-seminarIn the seminar, we were graced again with the presence of Mr. Steve Miller and a new speaker namely Dr. Rob McCleland. Each lesson in the notebook was discussed well by the aforementioned speakers. The speakers were great motivators as they are great leaders in their own business and country. One law of leadership that has struck to us was the Law of Legacy. It taught us that legacy is created only when a leader positions his organization to do great things without the leader himself. The law of legacy is the leader’s lasting value measured by succession. Other laws has also left a great impact on all of us; for one is the law of timing wherein it taught us that when to lead is as important as what to do and where to go.

The one and a half day seminar was a great one indeed. We got to learn a lot of things from it; lessons that would definitely be useful in training future leaders. This seminar might be the end of Volume 3 but we’ll surely wait for EQUIP to conduct another training for the next volume. And we just can’t wait for the next million leaders mandate training. Until then!