Hillsborough Pointe Project 1: Turn-over and House Blessing

Here’s yet another accomplishment from HomeChoice Planners. The Johnsen project at Hillsborough Pointe is now over and done. This two-storey project can now be seen physically in one of the upper middle subdivisions here in the Pueblo de Oro Township.

The dream house of the Johnsen family was turned over last September 22, 2012. In the same day, they held their house blessing. The blessing of the house was officiated by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon of the CDO First Assembly of God church. Other relatives and friends of the concerned family were present in the blessing; the staffs of HomeChoice Planners and members of the CDO FAOG church were present also. A satisfying dinner then followed after the blessing of the house.

It was an awesome celebration because finally the family can enjoy staying in their new humble abode. It’s also a thanksgiving offered to our Savior for the great blessings that he has showered upon the Johnsen family and also to our company.

HomeChoice Planners would like to thank the Johnsen family for entrusting us in turning their dream house into reality. We are grateful for being a tool in realizing the family’s dream. To the Lord Almighty, thank you so much for the amazing things that you have given to us. Cheers to us!