Project Kisanlu: House Blessing and Turn-over

And it was done! Months of waiting for this project at Kisanlu; and now, the time has come! After almost 7 months of working for this house construction, it is now finished. This is another project that we’re proud of its completion. It’s an added achievement for HomeChoice Planners and Construction.

The most awaited part of this project happened last March 11, 2012. On the said date, the house was turned over to the Ocer family and at the same time held their house blessing. The house was turned over in its complete state; 100% complete in all areas, interiorly and exteriorly. Include also the water and electric connections.

Together with the turn-over, house blessing was also set for that day. It is just essential that with every blessing that the Almighty Lord has bestowed upon us, we must acknowledge it. Thanking Him with all the grace He has given to us. Now that the Ocer family was given a blessing, that is realizing their dream house, they return the favor by this house blessing ceremony. It is their way of saying thanks to the Lord and acknowledging His presence.

In behalf of the HomeChoice Planners, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the family who in one way trusted the services that our company renders. It’s a pleasure for us to serve as a tool in realizing your dream house. And to those who want to build their desired house, it’ll be a privilege for us to assist and help you. Choose us, because there’s no other choice but HomeChoice Planners.