Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Easy ways of choosing and making your dream house come true

Q: What would I do to make my dream house come true?

A: Here are the ways or things; you can do to make your dream house come true:

  1. Determine which area you would like to build your dream house to be.
  2. Estimate or consider a house and lot budget (this would vary depending on the area you will choose).
  3. Contact us in, or, to have the full, prompt and live assistance.
  4. Make appointment with us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation to discuss all the details, of the offer we can have for you, depending on your financial capacity, the preferred area and lot size you have, house design and type you dreamed for, and the house specification you would like.
  5. Know that we are offering a house and lot package here in our firm in one PRICE, with your own design, house specifications and fitted location base on your considered house budget.
  6. Spend time with our architects, manager and the marketing officer, who would serve you in laying down all of your house concerns. Discuss with us all of your needs and wants for your dream house, so we can help you to make it come true.

Q: How can I pay it? What is the payment scheme I could avail with the house and lot construction package you offer?

A: There are options for you to avail with this offer, depending on which one is applicable and convenient for you. Open to us the payment scheme you prefer, either through BANK financing, PAG-IBIG financing or SPOT CASH. These are the options for you.

Q: What is the best financing I could apply if I can’t pay it in cash?

A: As you know, most of dream houses projects we have, were availed through BANK FINANCING. This is their option to make the process be done accordingly and for faster processing as well.

Q: What will I do to avail this bank financing for my dream house to be built?

A: We, in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, will assist you all through out with the process. You will just give us all of the necessary papers and information we need to make the loan application be processed. Since we are affiliated already to the bank/s, we will collect your requirements and then forward those to the bank. This will be a less hassle for you, and to all of our clients.

Q: What are the bank requirements for me to avail the loan?

A: Here are the bank requirements that you have to comply:

  • Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate
  • Job Contract Copy
  • Certificate of Employment
  • 6 Months Pay slips
  • Valid I.D’s
  • 2×2 I.D pictures

-The other requirements are coming from our firm and we will be the one to comply it upon loan application-

Q: How much could I borrow from the bank for the entire package?

A: This will depend on your income and of your considered house and lot budget. Let’s say, if it is for a bungalow house type of 2.6 million, the bank can grant you at least 2 million amount to borrow if your income is big and enough for that loan bracket.

Q: How about the remaining amount? How would I pay that?

A: The remaining amount will become your down payment and equity as well. For the down payment, you can give at least P150, 000.00-P200, 000.00 as your first payment to our firm. This will be used for the processing and to start the construction.

The other amount would become your equity, which is payable up to 6 months long. You will start paying this a month after you give your down payment.

Q: Aside from those amounts, is there any fee would I need to pay?

A: Yes. You have to pay for the appraisal of the lot, where your house to be built. Its cost is P 3,000.00 (BDO rate). This is to pre qualify and to know also the loanable amount you can avail. The electric and water installation fees, as well, are should be paid by you; though we will be the one to do the leg work for that.

Q: How long would the construction be?

A: For a bungalow (1 storey-house) would take 2-3 months and 6 months for the 2-storey house.

Q: What is the condition of the house,when you turn-over it to us?

A: We turn-over a semi-furnish house to you and to all of our clients. This will be having a tiled floor, built-in cabinets in kitchen, bed rooms, entertainment room (optional) area, installed water and electric, on light fluorescent/bulbs on its interior and exterior and customized paint color/s, tiles and fixtures on its toilet & baths. (Standard)

Q: I already have a lot. Can I still avail your construction package with this?

A: Yes, you still can avail our construction offer. We can offer you a house structural construction.

Q: Can I avail it through financing also?

A: Yes, you can avail it either through Pag-Ibig/ Bank financing. This is also having the same payment scheme, with that of house & lot construction package, though differed in price or house budget.

Q: How about the design?

: Still the same. We have made designs, which you can, also use, then just modify, or if you have your own already, that will do. Or if you want us to modify it or improve it for you, we can do that also.

Q: Do you also have renovation service?

A: Yes, we also accept house renovation as well as Interior Services. Actually, we already have renovation and interior services now on the record.

In behalf of Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation office, we would like to inform all of you, our clients, that we have this best and customized house design, specifications and colors. Just extend to us your concern and desire of the house you want to own. We will help you to make it come true. Call or email us. We will set an appointment to hear all of your house ideas, just to make it an easy way for you of choosing and making your dream house come true!