It all began when a striving young man embarked in the Real Estate world; worked as a salesperson and eventually became one of the successful Real Estate Brokers in Cagayan de Oro City. Driven to do more in life, widening his horizon, he then started to venture in the construction field and established his own company – HomeChoice Builders Corporation.

HomeChoice Builders Corporation was founded by CRB Robinson P. Masangcay in June 2006. Starting from building its very first project, a bungalow house at Golden Glow Village, HomeChoice Builders Corporation has since then been the choice of the people in building their houses. Earning its reputation in delivering quality good houses, HBC continued to grow that in June 2009 it led to its new name as HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation.

With seven years of service in the construction business, HPCC enjoyed the patronage of its clients bringing the company to its expertise in building quality houses. Customized and conceptualized residential houses are HPCC’s pride and stronghold where it has extensive portfolio. Within Pueblo de Oro Township, HPCC has built numerous houses at Morning Mist Village, Golden Glow Village, Golden Glow North, Vista Verde Village, Hillsborough Pointe, Philam-Life Village and Pueblo Golf Estates. HPCC was able to finish some projects also in other known subdivisions; that includes A Brown’s high end subdivision – Xavier Estates, Robinson’s Homes’ Richmond Hills and Land Resources Corp.’s Tuscania Subdivision.

As a result of its excellence in construction, HPCC has further its purview by embarking in planning and interior designing. It has proven its elegant designs through various projects. Its portfolio includes some units at La Mirande Subdivision, Bloomingdale Subdivision, Bellevue Subdivision, The Courtyards and Primavera Residences condominiums.

Marking its way towards innovativeness, HPCC started franchising and using this new technology – Plaswall Building System. On its list includes the very first successful project at Xavier Estates and on-going projects in the same subdivision; also at Vista Verde Village, P.N. Roa Subdivision and Kisanlu Subdivision. It has given the company the recognition as the first and sole distributor of Plaswall Technology in Cagayan de Oro City.