With the company’s diverse portfolio, Wallpro Systems and Construction Inc. offers various services that ensure the delivery of good quality projects. And as such, we offer the following:

General Construction
General Construction is the fundamental service that HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation offers. Over the years, HPCC created construction techniques that has become the company’s standard in building homes.


Construction Management
HPCC has been building complex projects for seven years already. Along with the company’s complex undertakings is the involvement of its architects, engineers, workers, suppliers, subcontractors, and the big amount of money used in materials and equipment. In doing such work, it demands exceptional construction management. And for years now, HPCC showed its expertise in construction management by focusing and supervising its projects from beginning to the end.

Architectural Design
With the company’s licensed in-house architects, HPCC has established its trademark by building conceptualized and customized house designs. Living up to its trademark, the company continues to work with their commitment in delivering carefully designed houses ensuring the needs and desires of clients.

Interior Design
Known for its ingenuity, HPCC extends its horizon by venturing into interior designing. And over the years, HPCC has built its reputation of delivering first-class customized interior designs.

Plaswall Technology
For its seven years in the construction field, HPCC has expanded its business to new innovations. To ensure clients faster way of delivering quality homes, the company has ventured in using the new Plaswall Technology. The usage of this building system has established HPCC as the first company to utilize it here in Cagayan de Oro City; and also was marked as the sole distributor in the said city.

Other Services
HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation also offers house and building renovation, alteration and extension; and accepts delivery of hollow blocks and aggregates.