Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has been a palpable corporation for its every client in building a house for comfortable, high class, satisfying and fantastic structure to live in. The services it offers guarantee a total quality service conveniently. As for the record, it offers the following:

Architectural design
With Homechoice Planners, your house will be designed architecturally elite, with the masterpiece anchored from the sublime skills and knowledge by the architect.


Interior design
We will cater the interior designing and embellishing your whole interior area of your dream house with ease, and with the targeted time or schedule.

Construction management
With this, we will have a package construction management for your requested house to be built; with our vigorous and hardworking construction workers, laborers, masons and all the office staffs to meet your criteria of your longed house to live in.

General construction
The office will also accept this service, which includes the entire area of the house and its amenities. This would cater the house to build from planning, designing, construction and presentation.

Renovation, alteration, addition, and extension of building or designs.
Homechoice Planners also accepts any of the renovation, alteration, addition and extension of the building or designs. Pick your choice and taste among those options, if your building or house only needs few of those! We can make it possible and elegant for you and your kinship.

Accepts hollow blocks and aggregates delivery
It is good and would be convenient for a construction firm to have its own manufacturer for all its materials needed. As it diversion, we also accept delivery either in hollow blocks or aggregates.

In Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, your home of your choice would be revealingly elegant, remarkable and worth with its cost which fit its affordability and financial stability of the clients would suitably compensate.