Minimalist Homes!

Whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing from another, be sure to check out some of the best minimalist homes for any budget. The perfect blend of simplicity and style, each of these designs offers a distinct personality. Most future owners across the region love these designs, and we think you will, too! The best part about embracing minimalist living is that you are not limited by style, shape, or even size, to a certain degree. Whether you need a tiny home for easy relocation or a energy efficient and environmentally friendly design to live in for years, we have tons of options. And by committing to a minimalist home design, your wallet will be just as happy as you are! Minimalist homes are some of the most affordable because they place focus on necessities and cut out frivolities. By offering the best of the basics, you can get a great home that allows you to spend more time with your family instead of worrying about paying for or maintaining a larger, more complex homes. But don’t think that going minimal means that you have to sacrifice or cut any corners in the design or amenities. Our minimalist homes for any budget offer the spaces and styles you know and love, and you’ll find enough diversity to serve the needs of different families. Minimalist homes do not have to be cold, white, sparse, unlivable, or unrealistic. In fact, modern minimalism décor is turning around the misconception that minimalist homes cannot be cozy. We are all just searching for balance in our lives. Often our homes throw us off balance with the mounds of items stuffed within our square footage. So we decide that minimalism might be the cure. But sometimes we get stopped by fear that having a minimalist home will make it feel cold and well, less “homey.” Home is comfort and minimalism has had a bad wrap for making homes feel like distilled water. Luckily for us, minimalist homes are starting to find their own cozy vibe. From white kitchens to simple living rooms, minimalism is taking our homes by storm and it is not that difficult to create the look in your own home. If you truly feel there is no way to combine minimalism and coziness, then I encourage you to visit and build with us. Ready? Lets Talk!