Do you Really Saved Cost when you Do Not Hire a Builder?

There’s a very good reason why people hire experienced and expert professionals to help them in their new build, renovation and/or decorating their interiors. So that the fails and mistakes don’t end up happening to their home! A major constructional fail could cost a company significant time and expenses on a project. Worst of all, people’s lives could be at risk, if the structure isn’t sound! The drawers are super handy in any room, and simple enough to figure out how to use. You pull them out to store things, then close them for safekeeping. Always, always, always measure anything and everything first. Also, ensure to provide the same appliances being measured. Failing to measure a room or space is one of the most common interior design fails, and a sure-fire route to household disappointment. No matter how short you are of space, some rooms should be sacred. They might both need plumbing, but adding your toilet to your kitchen is a fail that cannot be overcome. There are so many pointed angles and sharp corners in this photo that even the image itself might end up blinding someone! Design a space that’s easy on the eye, and don’t think just chopping up doors is a way to solve the problem of strange ceiling angles. We get it, sometimes walls are annoying and cut out natural light. Choosing just to randomly cut out half of a wall and a door is a construction fail, where the solution is worse than the problem. It doesn’t matter how big your bathroom is, nobody wants to sit in a line during their special time, more so when their bottoms are almost touching, so don’t try to cut corners or costs for this area! Attention to detail is critical. The right tiles can be a great addition to your home, and even enhance the livability… but you need to get it right during installation, or live with the consequences of irregularity!  Don’t carpet a bathroom. Don’t carpet a bathtub. And most definitely don’t turn your bathtub into a weird carpeted four-poster bed-monster. It’s nice to make the most of all your spaces, but unless you’re Spiderman, you’re unlikely to find much value in this stranded island above this entrance area. A final fail to avoid is less about construction, and more about good choices. It’s important to carefully consider the color of your home before you commit. Otherwise, you might just end up with a horror show . Remember that sometimes, how you picture a design at the concept stage, won’t always have the same effect as the end result once it has been. This is why it’s so important to get feedback from other trusted parties, as they can provide a valuable point of view to your interior designs that you might have missed. And be sure the proper plans and shop drawings, documentation, contracts as well as materials specifications in placed. Do you really cut cost when you don’t hire a builder? No, you dont and it adds more stress. Ready to Build? Lets Talk!