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Love Me Right

“We are not just building a house but a H.O.M.E”

Homechoice Planner’s slogan from an unknown author somehow echos this month’s emphasis on LOVE. Tho FEB 14 is the “official” day of what we call Hearts Day or Valentines Day yet the theme radiates all throughout the month thus calling February THE LOVE MONTH.

Flowers and chocolates are expected to rise in price this time of the year and all the once empty restaurants are now full. Get together, gifts, flowers, chocolates, human size stuff toy, hearts ….. spending …. sure are the top most used gestures but remember, let’s not trap this LOVE in a “couple” box.

We built hundreds of home in CDO and met different families with different stories. Stories that would make you reflect….

“Wow, he did that? and you’re still standing strong!”

“yup.. children needs disciplining. Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

“awwee, time did not kill the romantic spark in your relationship”

….. family matters. How you treat or handle the relationship inside your family, MATTERS!

A member in your family seems insecure? Appreciate him/her enough.
A member in your family seems to have trust issues? Maybe you’re not keeping the promises you’ve made.

Let’s love right this 2020

Here is a list of what the bible says love is. Why won’t we assess and evaluate ourselves. Maybe we are a little selfish for the past years or a bit proud. Maybe we are keeping records of wrongdoings and just waiting for the perfect chance to “let our heart out”. Maybe…

So how was the assessment doing?

Let’s together make our house a lovely home. A place where we can be ourselves and not be judged. HOME. A place where correction =¬† caring and not just nagging. HOME. A place where we first love right. HOME.


The Preview – Bamboo Lane Cluster 14

Anyone of you here knows someone who owns a Bamboo Lane Unit in Cluster 14? Share them this blog!

What we have here is a photo of Bamboo Lane Cluster 14. See the date at the bottom? Yes, that’s an automated time and date, from our camera, to show that the photo was actually taken on that day. This shows the progress¬†of the construction process — which I believe makes the homeowners even more excited. Let’s together witness the building coming to shape!


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