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HPCC turns over GGV project

GGV-Project7For almost eight months, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has worked with this certain project at Golden Glow Village. Last June 22, the project was satisfactorily completed and HPCC turned it over to the client on June 26. Originally, this project is designed as a one-storey residential building; later on the owner decided to make some changes and requested to turn it’s balcony to a second-storey room. Known for building customized houses, HPCC is committed to ensure most satisfied customers through delivering products according to the client’s desire.

GGV-Project7-2018It is always a privilege for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation to be able to complete a project and turn it over to its owner. It’s rewarding to see the smile plastered on the client’s face when they get to receive the keys and certificate of the house. Thank you to the family of the newly turned over house. Thank you for choosing and trusting HPCC to be the builder of your home.

Congratulations to Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation! Congratulations also to the new homeowners of Golden Glow Village!

HPCC beats the 90-day challenge

GGN-Project2-TurnedOver2018Kudos Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation!

The project which the company has started constructing last January 8 was successfully completed and turned over on March 13; beating the 90 days contract requested by the client. Thanks to the Plaswall Building System; a building technology that the company has been using for 6 years now. This type of system has made HPCC’s projects easy to finish and deliver; and clients are assured of its great quality finish.

Congratulations to the family for finally moving in their house at Golden Glow North 1 subdivision last March 17. They also held their house blessing that same day. And in behalf of company, thank you for trusting HPCC to be the builder of your dream house.

Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation is always grateful to be at their client’s service. And they are indeed committed to serve their clients.

Turned over Projects for First Trimester

turn-over-homechoice-2015It has been a productive trimester for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation as the company was able to finish and turnover its different projects to its respective owners. It was a successful turnover for the two-storey residential projects at Vista Verde Village and Gran Europa’s Frontiera Subdivision; one-storey house extension at Morning Mist Village and one-storey residential project at Golden Glow Village.

The abovementioned projects were turned over to clients on these dates respectively; February 24, April 1, April 14 and April 25 of this year. All projects were satisfactorily completed and successfully handed over to the clients. These projects are all customized houses built according to the clients’ desire. And all are now part of HPCC’s roster of quality built houses.

turn-over-homechoice-vvv-2015HPCC is privileged to have this kind of opportunity; the opportunity to be entrusted with building the dream home of the clients. With the given privilege, HPCC would like to thank the clients for choosing the company to be the builder of their house. After months of constructing the houses, it’s really a pleasure to see the smiles plastered on the clients faces during the time of turnover. Cheers to HPCC and to the clients for this successful partnership.

Turning Over of Property

Turn-over is the term used during the final stages of the construction phase. This is when the client takes control of the finished product. In order to assure smooth turn-over’s, there must be a complete fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the contract.

Ideally, the client or his SPA must finalize a series of activities that include confirming the property, completing the promotional activities and sale agreements. There must be a finalized move-in plan as well as a schedule for the unit inspections. Insurance, mail delivery, and garbage collection must already be in place. Inspecting and testing of the security systems must also be done before the turn over happens.

During the turn-over, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation (HPCC) provides the client with all the keys to the completed project. HPCC also hands over the “as-built” drawings to the project. HPCC also hands over any excess building material that was not fully used but in some cases, the client may choose to return the materials back to the contractor. Warranties can vary in different areas or territories. It is best to sit down and discuss warranty with the contractor as well as the developer. Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation warranty period runs about one year. And before any warranty period expires, our architect together with other appropriate consultants should be able to inspect the building to prepare a warranty report.

Careful understanding as to how the turn-over process needs to be done before any other activity.

New Quarter. New Projects.

groundbreaking-homechoiceAs we enter into a new quarter, new projects are in store also for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. For this month of October, HPCC was able to close two new projects. And before the company will start building a new project, groundbreaking and lot dedication are to be conducted first.

The first project conducted its groundbreaking last October 8 at Xavier Estates’ Phase 1; while the second project was held last October 11 at Pueblo de Oro’s Philam-life Village. These two new projects are both having two-storey designs which were drawn by our in-house architects. The projects were customized and uniquely designed according to the owner’s desires. With this, HPCC has yet new projects to be included in the company’s portfolio of using the Plaswall Technology.

Since the start of using the Plaswall Building System, the construction of residential and commercial buildings has indeed become faster. There is an on-time delivery and turn-over of the finished project. And with these two new projects, the clients are assured that their dream house can be turned-over according to their planned date.

We at HPCC would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the families who have chosen us to be the builder of their home. Thank you for entrusting us your dreams. For updates and developments of these projects, you can check out our posts here in our website or in our facebook page. Until then!

House Warming Galore

turned-over-house-blessing-morning-mist-villageIt has been a busy month for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. There are a lot of upcoming projects set on this month of May and on-going projects are still on its full swing construction. Also, schedule for turn-over of some finished projects are set within this month.

For this month, the first project that we have turned over to its rightful owner is our project at Morning Mist Village. It was finally finished and the family concerned had its house blessing ceremony last 26th of May. Another project that held its house warming party was our project at Pueblo Golf Estates. Though we still have some finishing touches to do with the said project, the family decided to conduct its house warming last May 31, 2013.

house-blessing-golf-estateHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has gained new achievements as the above-mentioned projects were done already. The company has yet fulfilled another family’s dream; and it is a privilege for HPCC to become a part in realizing their dream home.

To the family owners of the above-mentioned projects, thank you for trusting HPCC to be the builder and fulfiller of your dreams. It has been a great time working and serving with you. The contract may have ended but rest assured HPCC’s services are open for you whenever you needed it. Congratulations and welcome to your new humble abodes!

Plaswall Technology on the Go!: Turn-over & House Blessing of X.E. Project 7

Plaswall-Bungalow-HouseKudos to HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for another successful project! A newly built bungalow house was turned over to another satisfied client last April 27, 2013; in the same date, house blessing was also conducted.

This house and lot project of HPCC at Xavier Estates is the company’s second house construction that was made by Plaswall Building System. Since the company’s venture in this technology, construction of houses has been faster thus the target completion is attained on time. Using the Plaswall Technology, it ensures delivery of a good quality house to the client. As a result of this, HPCC continues to promote and market the use of Plaswall Building System.

Xavier-Estates-Plaswall-BuildingFor this project, HPCC proudly turned over the house to its rightful owner as this will now be included in the company’s portfolio of customized and conceptualized houses. The house was built according to the client’s desires and plans; and we are glad to see the satisfaction shown by the owner of the house. And in return, we would like to thank the family for giving us the opportunity to realize their dream home. Seeing the smiles plastered on their faces as they have seen the outcome of the construction, gave us the will to continue our undertaking.

The turning over and house blessing of the house was a success as the family’s friends and relatives were present in the event. And we just couldn’t contain our gladness hearing the guests’ praises and appreciation for the built house. With this, HPCC would like to express its sincerest gratitude to the family for believing in our services and abilities in building their house. As we have realized their dreams, ours has also been fulfilled and that is to be a blessing unto others. And we all deserve applause for that – Cheers!

Your Home. Your Refuge.

house-blessing-xavier-estatesHPCC or HomeChoice Planners and Construction Coporation has been building houses for almost eight years now. And every time we realize someone’s dream house, we make sure that it is not only houses that we build but also a home.

Before we start a certain project, we let our clients sign a contract first; indicating the duration of the project and other important matters. But as soon as the project is over and we have turned over the house to its rightful owner, our services doesn’t end there. Upon establishing rapport with our clients, they have automatically become a part of our family.


As an addition to our growing family, the project that we are about to end our contract with in Xavier Estates conducted their house blessing last February 24, 2013. Though the house is not yet 100% complete, the family decided to dedicate the house already. The said ceremony was attended by the relatives and friends of the owner; and it was ministered by the CDO FAOG church members.

The said project just needs little finishing touches then it’s ready for turn-over. But right after the turn-over, HPCC’s services doesn’t stop here. We ensure that our company is our client’s refuge when they have concerns. We are their home, their extended family when they needed one. Show to our clients that HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is their home and their refuge.

A New Abode

plaswall-house-blessingCheers! This is for the family who’s now staying in their new house built by HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. The cheer is also extended to the company for the success in building the house using the Plaswall Building System.

This newly done house at Xavier Estates house was the first project of HomeChoice Planners that has used the Plaswall Technology. It’s a first here in Cagayan de Oro City and our company is proud of it. As you can see, the finished product of this new innovation that the company has ventured, is now standing proudly in one of the city’s high end subdivision; Xavier Estates.

Along with the company’s successful work is turning the family’s dream into realization; as they have transferred to their new humble abode. With this, a house blessing was conducted by the family. The said ceremony was conducted last February 8, 2013. It was a lunch event and invited were the relatives and friends of the family as well as the company’s staffs and the church who ministered the service; CDO First Assembly of God church that was headed by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon and Ptr. Walter Richie.

plaswall-homechoiceAt the end of the service, the owner of the house went up front and gave a short speech, thanking our company for the services that we have given to them. HomeChoice Planners is of course overwhelmed with the gratefulness that the family has shown to the company. It’s also our pleasure to be helping and working with the family. And it’s a privilege for us to be able to make their dreams come true. Because that’s what our company aims to do; turning your dream house into reality. Congratulations to the family for their new abode!

House Blessing and Turn-over: VVV Project 4

For this year alone, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation was able to build almost 10 houses. Each houses built were turned over to the rightful owners in its complete state. As the year is about to end, numerous house projects are almost to finish and in line for turnover on this month of December.

One of the projects that are included in the turn over list for this month is the Vista Verde Village Project 4. Last December 8, 2012, the newly built house at Vista Verde Village was finally turned over to the de Leon family. And at the same time they also had their house blessing. The de Leon family is very grateful for the blessings that the Lord Almighty has showered upon them.

We were privileged to be invited in the said house blessing and hear the very kind words that the family has said to us. To the de Leon family, thank you so much for the positive words. We too are glad to be part and tool in realizing your dreams. Thank you also to our Almighty Father for this yet another successful project. We thank Him for the continuous guidance and protection.

This is just the first of the so many houses included for the turn over. We just can’t wait to see the other projects done and turn it over to the families concerned. Surely, they are excited also because their Christmas will be spent in their new humble abode. Updates soon!