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United and One in Christ

11035738_858826664172353_4089364175798501943_n“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” – Mark 10:9

It’s HPCC’s 5th year in celebrating Mass Wedding for the workers. Knowing that marriage is a permanent and committed relationship between a man and a woman; HPCC has made this celebration as an advocacy. In this way, it encourages the workers of the company to lead their partners in holy matrimony. And through this matrimony, they are now one and united in Christ.

As it has been a traditional date already, the said mass wedding was celebrated last 28th of August at CDO First Assembly of God church. This year, three lovely couples from HPCC and two other couples from Assembly of God Opol has joined in the holy matrimony service. Serving as their witnesses are their family, 11951222_858827657505587_2841436925889763489_nrelatives and friends; taking part in the happiness and joy of the lovely couples.

It has always been a privilege for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation to be part in this kind of event and also to serve as a channel in fulfilling their dreams. Thanks to the people working behind every details of the wedding; for without them the event wouldn’t even be successful. To God, all glory and praises to Him for with Him nothing is impossible. It is by God’s grace and blessing that HPCC was able to come up with this kind of event five years ago.

Kudos for the successful event and congratulations to the newlyweds! Until the next mass wedding!

A Night at Primavera Residences

mass-wedding-2013-primaveraIn line with the mass wedding celebration of HPCC last August 26, the company has collaborated with Primavera Residences to give one of the newlyweds a very special wedding gift. And what could be the special gift that you can give to the newlywed – a honeymoon treat!

Prior to the mass wedding ceremony, HPCC had already chosen a couple for the overnight stay at Primavera Residences by draw lots. The chosen couple was then announced during the reception. It was a priceless moment for the chosen couple as they were so grateful for the treat that they have received. After the wedding ceremony, staff of HPCC then accompanied the couple to their destination.

primavera-mass-wedding-homechoicePrimavera Residences is known for being the first eco-friendly building in the city. Its features and amenities are great factors to attract prospect buyers. And to further promote their project, they have opened their doors for those who want to experience the lifestyle of condo living even for just a night. With this offer, it was a privilege for those chosen couple to have a taste of living in a condominium. The honeymoon treat was indeed a special one as they finally had a time off from work and just for themselves.

The couple stayed in a 1 bedroom fully furnished unit of Primavera Residences. Inclusive of their stay is a swim in the condominium’s salt chlorine pool and a breakfast at Jeannette’s Pizza. The couple really enjoyed with their stay at Primavera Residences. They had fun and a great time also.

HPCC is again glad to be a part of the couple’s wonderful experience. Thanks to Primavera Residences for they have been a big part also for this amazing treat to the newlywed couple. Cheers to all of us!

Exchanging Vows

homechoice-planners-mass-wedding-2013For the fourth time in a row, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has yet again conducted another mass wedding for its workers. The said wedding was held last August 26 at CDO First Assembly of God church.

This year, four couples from the company and one couple who were members of the church joined in the said holy matrimony. Five couples stood in front of the altar and have said their I do’s. These couples came to a decision to finally tie the knot and settle down for good. The wedding was officiated by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon, the senior pastor of CDO FAOG. Ptr. Walter Richie, Ptr. Roger Ruiz and Ptr. Lloyd Yana were present also during the event. The staff and workers of HPCC were there as well to show their support to the couples and witness as they have exchanged vows.

mass-wedding-2013-homechoiceAfter the wedding ceremony, reception then followed and it was held in the same venue. The venue was filled with cheers and applause as the attendees teased the newlywed couples during the partaking of the cake and drinking of wine. August 26 is indeed a remarkable day for the couples. It’s a moment that would be cherished forever as it was the day that they have promised God of their vows; that till death will do they part.

HPCC is indeed glad to see that once again the company was able to be a part in fulfilling its workers dreams. It’s a privilege for us to be a blessing to other people’s lives. Cheers to all those who have contributed and participated for the success of the ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds!

Mass Wedding Year 3

It has been an annual event for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation to conduct a Mass Wedding every month of August. This all started in the year 2010 and because of its success, it has already become a tradition for us to organize this sponsored ceremony for our workers.

August 28, 2012 – is a very memorable day for the lovely couples; as this was the day that they have exchanged vows and said their “I dos”. It was more memorable because it’s also the feast day of Cagayan de Oro City. The CDO First Assembly of God Church has been HomeChoice Planners’ partner in this event for three years now; and it is also where the ceremony is held at. And with this year’s celebration, we are overwhelmed with the number of couples who decided to join as one in the holy name of matrimony.

In the wedding proper, Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon was the one who ministered the ceremony. The staffs of HomeChoice Planners were present as well; as they were the ones who stood as the cord, veil sponsors and also the ring, bible and coin bearers. It is just wonderful to see the brides marching down the aisle and on the end of it, their soon to be husbands are waiting for them; the grooms’ eyes glowing with love and appreciation for their bride. After the wedding ceremony, reception then follows on the same venue, where the newlyweds, sponsors and congregation had a satiating meal.

The event was again, a successful one. We’re so glad with the outcome of this year’s mass wedding. It wouldn’t be this successful without those people working behind it. So, to those people, you know who you are, thank you! Thank you for the time and effort in organizing this ceremony. We would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the CDO First Assembly of God Church for the continuous support and partnership. A big thanks also to the workers and their wives, because if not for their participation, this event wouldn’t even be possible. Lastly, to our Almighty Father for all the things He has graced upon us. With His graces, we get to live with our vision; that is ‘blessed to be a blessing’. Kudos to us!

Second Mass Wedding: Homechoice Planners’ Workers

A year after the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation sponsored the 1st mass wedding for the construction workers in the company. And now, as part of the company’s protocol and culture since then, it held the 2nd mass wedding for those construction workers that are on the path of setting themselves on the nest of wedding. The company is having this practice, to help, maintain the good rapport among each worker and the staffs, then to make the team united as a FAMILY.

Just last August 27, 2011, Saturday, at exactly 10 in the morning, the said 2nd event was conducted. The said wedding was participated by the main hosts, or the couples who were wed. There were 5 pairs of our construction workers whom being united that day in the name of God and in the house of God.

Along this event, there were the other pairs as well from Assembly of God’s church members, who did join the said matrimony. Thus, it helped to make the event gayer, and victoriously done! The ceremony was done with the help of those stewards of God from Assembly of God church. There are many of them to mention, but you know who you are people and we would like to extend our gratitude for the efforts done and for the assistance.

This celebration is will not be made possible without the main sponsor/s. Though I would like to stress the names of those people, but due of their humbled-hearts, they prefer not to. Thus, let me express our gratitude to thank you for being the blessing and the key for those construction workers who made their vows before your presence and in God’s presence. We all know that it will not be possibly done without your first thought of helping them and for stretching your arms to help their lives on set!

A great thank you from all of us and a hope for all of us to make the business more productive and stay in the thought of being blessed to be a blessing for everybody!