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Win the Race: HPCC Pinoy Sports Fest

SportsFest_HPCC2018Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has walked down to memory lane as they have conducted a throwback of the 90s renowned Pinoy games. It was a nostalgic moment as the company reminisce all the games that the people used to play way back their childhood days. Piko, limbo rock, luksong lubid, luksong baka, luksong tinik, sipa bola are just some of the pinoy games that the HPCC workers have played.

Last 5th of May, HPCC together with the other companies under RPM Conglomerates – RPM Realty, Carniella Build N’ Shop, Ehynsohfee and Construction Supply gathered together at La Buena Vida covered court to have some fun bonding and friendly competition. Each team has shown their competitiveness in every game.

Homechoice-Sports-Fest-2018It may be a sports fest and competition is present but at the end of the day everyone got to bond with each other and rapport was established. Congratulations to the team who bagged the first place. It was a good sport indeed. Looking forward to the next sports fest; well, everybody is hoping for another Pinoy sports fest. Until then!

The 2014 HPCC Games

homechoice-sportsfest-2014Sports fest is an annual activity of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. Every year, teams per department join in the competition of basketball, volleyball and other recreational activities. And it is usually a one day or two day sports fest activity. This time around, the management decided to have it a month long activity wherein the games will be held every Saturday of the month.

Last March 22 was the opening of the month long HPPC sports fest. Before proceeding to the game proper, the workers and staffs had a sweat it all out zumba dance exercise. The zumba dance was definitely a good warm up exercise as it has given the workers more energy at the start of the competition. Secondary games such as the obstacle race and the tree challenge were also included in the activity. The said games were first playe by the workers; then the main competition started.

homechoice-sportsfest-basketballAfter how many Saturdays of competition, the teams that are included and will compete in the finals are as follows:

Basketball Competition
· Skimplas Team
· Structural 2 Team
· Bodrivers Team
· Finishing Team

Volleyball Competition
· Structural 2 Team
· Structural 1 Team
· Skimplas Team
· Paintor Team

homechoice-sportsfest-volleyballThe above-mentioned teams will compete with each other in the championship game that is yet to be scheduled. Even with the teams’ busy schedule, they still manage to practice for the upcoming finals. In line with the championship game is the culminating activity also wherein the winners will be recognized and awarded.

Until the said championship game will be conducted, everyone will just have to sit and relax for now. Exciting as it is already to see and name the champions but then we’ll have to wait until the schedule is set. To the teams that will play in the finals, good luck and God bless you all! Until the next update!

The Way of a Disciple: The Amazing Race Edition of HPCC

culminating-activityThe competition continues as HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation conducted its culminating activity cum sports fest day two. This time around, the game is all about the race to the top. It’s a survival of the fittest game as this would be the last game to determine who will be the overall champion of HPCC’s Sports fest year 2013.

Last April 13, 2014, HPCC held its very first edition of the Amazing Race at Marvilla Beach Resort with the theme of “The Way of a Disciple”. Each team was required to do specific tasks in every pit stop. There were 7 pit stops prepared and in order for them to be able to go to the next pit stop, they need to accomplish a certain challenge written in the task cards.

The race was not an ordinary race because in every challenge that they have there’s a lesson to learn behind it. The challenges were all biblical related that it encompasses the true form and way of discipleship. It contains the teachings of Jesus Christ to His disciples. The tasks prepared tested the teams’ faith with each other; their cooperation, physical strength and ability to think in a limited time. At the end of the race, one group was able to surpass all the challenges and got to the top – the Painter 1 and 2 team.

2013-sport-festAfter the race, scores were tallied including the scores of the day one sports fest. And here are the results:

  • Champion: Painter 2/Furring Team
  • 1st Place: Structural/Steelman Team
  • 2nd Place: Plaswall Team
  • 3rd Place: Bodega/Driver Team tied with the Painter 1 Team

Once again, the workers were able to have a time off from work. They were able to have fun and relax on the beach; they also had a time to bond with their fellow workers and did some recreational stuff. It was indeed a fun filled day. Congratulations to all the winners! They do deserve the win. We are looking forward for another exciting and exhilarating sports fest activity next year. Cheers to us!

Eco-friendly Competition

DENR-Homechoice-tree-plantingIn cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has participated in the National Greening Program of the said department. Last April 6, 2013, HPCC conducted a tree planting activity at Barangay Mambuaya; where in the workers of HPCC were given the opportunity to take part in saving Mother Earth. Each worker obligingly planted the 200 Narra seedlings that were given by the DENR; after planting the seedlings, tree guards were placed around to protect it.

It was not only a tree planting activity for HPCC because at the same time, the year 2013 Sports fest of the company was also conducted. After the tree planting, all the workers were gathered in the covered court of Barangay Mambuaya for it is the venue for all the sports competition. Homechoice-tree-plantingThe workers actively participated in all the games including basketball, volleyball, chess and dart competition.

The workers, which were grouped according to their specialized skills, had a friendly fight in each competition. All played fairly and had a great competition. In every game played, there are teams that had excelled and were able to bag a place. And here are the lists of winners for the following competitions:


  • Champion – Tile Setter/Plumber Team
  • 1st Placer – Plastering Team
  • 2nd Placer – Structural Team


  • Champion – Subcon Team
  • 1st Placer – Structural Team
  • 2nd Placer – Plaswall Team


  • Champion – Archer Daug (Structural Team)
  • 1st Placer – Candilario Gica (Painter 2/Furring)
  • 2nd Placer – Randy Calunsag (Painter 2/Furring)


  • Champion – Rhenan Redosendo (Engineering Department)
  • 1st Placer – Jobany Iglesia (Painter 2/Furring Team)
  • 2nd Placer – Ramel Ramos (Bodega/Driver Team)
  • 3rd Placer – Christopher Quilpo (Buhos Team)

homechoice-sports-festThe activity gave the workers an adrenaline rushing and fun filled day. They all had a great day off from work; a time to enjoy and relax. All the games were the highlights of the event but the remarkable one was the basketball game between the HPCC Admin including the company’s Corporate President, Mr. Robinson P. Masangcay and combined group of the Foremen and Lead men from the different teams. It was just a friendly competition between the two groups but the tension was still there. At the end of the game, the HPCC Admin ends up as winner. Congratulations to all the above mentioned winners; they all deserve the win. Kudos to all for the successful activity!

HomeChoice Planners’ Sports Fest 2012

Let the games begin! As part of the recreational activities for our workers, HomeChoice Planners came up with an idea of having a sports fest for the benefit of our workers. This would not only take their time off from work but serves also an exercise to stretch out their muscles from the heavy work.

The sports fest was a two day activity that was held last May 18 and 19 at Montana Vista’s clubhouse and basketball court. On the first day, before the opening of the games, we conducted a fellowship wherein we acknowledged the presence of the Almighty Father for the success of the event. We also invited a member of the CDO First Assembly of God Church, namely Mr. Rey Asuncion; who’s a sports enthusiast as well to share words of encouragement to the workers. He then disclosed to us a very nice speech about the importance of team building and teamwork.

After the fellowship, the game proper was formally opened. For a start, the workers were grouped according to their specialized skills. A lot of games were prepared for the activity. Secondary games such as message relay and pinoy henyo were included in the game list just for a warm up. For the main games, basketball and dart were played. The first day of the sports fest was a revel one. It kept us waiting and looking forward for the next day’s activity and that is the championship game.

Day two, everybody is braced on their seats and is on thrilling mode as they eagerly watched the championship games for basketball and dart. At the end of the day, the Moulding Team brought home the trophy and named as the champions of the basketball game. The second place went to the Filing Team and third place to the Structural Team led by Foreman Paul. In the dart competition, the following were able to bring home the bacon: Randy Calunsag got the first place, Bebencio Apao as the second placer and third place went to Gilbert Tizon.

Awarding ceremony was held in the ‘bodega’ the following Monday morning just right after the bible study. The two day sports fest was a fun filled event. The HomeChoice Planners staff and construction workers, as well as the spectators had a great time and all are looking forward for another event like this. Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the sports fest. God speed!