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Children’s Feeding Program

Nutrition is an essential aspect that we humans should be concerned of. It is very important for everyone because nutrition is the nourishment that our body needs. Having the right nutrition means being able to work and perform well with our activities of daily living. Knowing what benefits it would give us for having the right nutrition, this is important most especially to the children. It is linked to the aspects of their growth and development that is responsible for the factors directed to their health as adults.

As part of the health monitoring program that HomeChoice Planners has implemented upon the workers, the company then came up to another program that is of help to the workers’ children. Last Saturday, September 22, 2012, a feeding program was conducted at the company’s warehouse. The feeding program started around 3:00 in the afternoon and it was attended by the HomeChoice Planners workers’ sons and daughters.

The program was headed by our company nurse, Ms. Lenny Tamo-o, wherein she prepared some games, educational videos and nutritious food to the children. We all know how important good nutrition is to the children; that’s why HomeChoice Planners decided to conduct this feeding program. It is to share to the children and their parents what the nutritious foods that they should prepare and eat; also, to share to them insights on why good and right nutrition is essential to our life.

We are so glad with the program’s success. The kids and their parents had a really great time. They went home carrying the things that they have learned from the said program. With the great outcome of the activity, HomeChoice Planners is looking forward for yet another program that would be of great help to the welfare of the workers and their respective families. Kudos!