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tuscania-groundbreaking-2017Homechoice Planners & Const. Corp., has break the ground for its upcoming projects for 2017. And not just one, but two, for just this month of April!!! Last April 25, 2017 the company representatives together with its client, and with the CDO First Assembly Church staff had its groundbreaking ceremony at Tuscania Subdivision. And on April 29, 2017 another groundbreaking was held at Puntod Cagayan de Oro.

Indeed, this will be the start of a year of abundant blessing, a year of continual improvement and a year of total commitment as the company aims to achieve its full potential within its vision, mission and core values.

By: Geramie S. Morales

HPCC’s 6th Project at Hillsborough Pointe

hpcc-hillsborough-project-2016A year or so has passed since Homechoice Planners’ last project at Hillsborough Pointe and now the company has a comeback project in the said subdivision. Thanks to the family who has chosen HPCC to be the builder of their future home.

Last 28th of July was the scheduled groundbreaking and lot dedication service of HPCC’s project 6 at Hillsborough Pointe. The service was ministered by HPCC’s church partner – First Assembly of God church that was headed by Pastor Elpie Taboclaon. This project is a two storey residential that has a total floor area of 165 square meters; and consists of living room, dining area, kitchen area, and maid’s room, guest room with bathroom, music room, two bedrooms, master’s bedroom with walk in closet and bathroom, and two common bathrooms.

Soon enough, HPCC will start its full swing construction of this certain project. And after six or seven months of construction, from its perspective, this house will be in its tangible form. Congratulations to the family for this breakthrough. And in behalf of HPCC, thank you to the family for trusting the company in building their dream house. Updates soon!

Breakthrough Project at Westwoods Village

imageIt’s a first for HPCC as the company ventures in a new project at Westwoods Village. The said subdivision is one of Pueblo de Oro’s recent developments and HPCC is privileged to be having a project built in the said place. This certain project is a breakthrough project for HPCC as this will be it’s very first construction at Westwood Village; thanks to the family for giving HPCC the opportunity to build their dream house.

This breakthrough project at Westwoods Village will be a modern designed two – storey residential building; designed according to the client’s desire. The house is designed with spacious living room, dining room, balcony and four bedrooms; the master’s bedroom having its own walk-in closet and bathroom. Following the subdivision’s standard and restrictions, the house may have adapted most of the subdivision’s houses look but it has its own unique touch.

imageTo celebrate the partnership of HPCC and client in constructing the house, a groundbreaking and lot dedication service was conducted last 2nd of July at the project’s site. The service was led by CDO First Assembly of God church; and it was attended by the family and relatives of the client and some staff of HPCC.

Both parties are anticipating the start of this project’s full swing construction and eager also to see its completion. This will soon be included in HPCC’s roster of projects and it’ll be first in the company’s portfolio of Westwoods Village projects. Surely this project will not be the first and last but just the first of the many projects that will come. Updates and developments will be posted at the start of its construction. Until then!

HPCC ventures in school projects

hpcc-school-building-project-2016Stepping up and making the move, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation ventures in not only one but two school projects for this year. The company has indeed widened its horizon to projects ranging from residential to commercial and school building.

These school projects are located at Misamis Oriental; which both projects having a two-storey and four classroom building. Last 29th of January, groundbreaking and lot dedication service was held at one of the school projects located at Villanueva. On the next day, January 30th, the second project at Tagoloan also conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication service.

Of these two projects, the project at Tagoloan was the first to start its full swing construction; it has started last February 1. With the technology that the company will be using for this hpcc-school-project-2016certain project, its estimated project completion will be around April 2016. It has been planned that the Villanueva project will start its construction after the completion of project Tagoloan.

It sure is an exciting start of the year because of HPCC’s line up projects. The company has indeed stepped up to greater possibilities. And this is all to the glory of God; for with Him nothing is impossible.

Updates and developments of these projects will be posted soon. Kudos!

Kisanlu Project 3

10697328_878621855526167_9003817559350390808_oAnother project of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is set to start at Kisanlu Subdivision. This project is HPCC’s third project already in the said subdivision. You reap what you sow as what they say, and this certain project is a product of what the company has sown in other projects. Through the previous projects that HPCC has sown at Kisanlu Subdivision, the company was able to reap another project through their referral.

This project is a three bedroom two-storey residential with roof deck. Another project that is uniquely designed based on the owner’s choice. This customized modern house held its groundbreaking and lot dedication last 17th of October together with the owners, HPCC staff and CDO FAOG church as the ministering party.

12091363_878622195526133_5709221781936362620_oYou really reap what you sow especially when what you have sown was well cultivated and taken care of. HPCC is in deep gratitude to its past clients in Kisanlu Subdivision because through them the company was given the opportunity to fulfill the dream house of this new project. It is by God’s glory and favor that this project will soon start its construction. The family is surely looking forward to the completion of this project; HPCC is excited as well. We’ll keep you posted with the developments of this project.

Project 11 at Vista Verde Village

imageNewest project of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is now on its full swing construction at Vista Verde Village. This certain construction is HPCC’s 11th project in the said subdivision.

Last September 28, the said project held its groundbreaking and lot dedication service; attended by the project owner together with HPCC and CDO First Assembly of God church who ministered the service. It’s a privilege for HPCC to be able to serve yet another family with dreams of having their own house. The company is pleased to be imagethe builder of this two-storey residential building at Vista Verde Village. This project is now on its first construction phase; working on with the layout, concrete pouring of beam and other structural works.

Congratulations to the family for making this step in realizing their dream house. Thank you also for making HPCC part of this dream; being the builder of your home. Each party is excited to see the outcome of this collaboration. Kudos to us!

New Roster of Projects

xe-homechoice-projectKudos to HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for their new roster of projects. Just as before the first quarter ends, new project at Xavier Estates held its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service last March 26. This certain project is a two-storey residential building that will be situated in a 222 square meter lot with a floor area around 200 square meters.

Another project that has conducted its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service was the Genova design at Tuscania Subdivision. The said service was held last April 10. Tuscania’s Genova is a two-storey house with a floor area of 80 square meters and this is HPCC’s first project for the second quarter.

tuscania-homechoice-projectThe Groundbreaking and Lot dedication service of both projects was officiated by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon of CDO First Assembly of God church; along with him are the pastors and pastoral staff of the said church. With this, HPCC is extending its warmest gratitude to CDO FAOG for ministering the said services and also to the owners of the projects for choosing HPCC as the builder of their dream home. Cheers to new collaborations! Until then!

First Quarter Projects

pueblo-golf-estate-homechoiceHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation welcomes two new breakthrough projects as it enters year 2015. For the first quarter of 2015, HPCC is set to work with these two new projects. Each project had already conducted its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service. The first one was the project at Pueblo Golf Estates that was held last 28th of January; and the second project was conducted last March 10 at Vista Verde Village.

It’s a privilege for HPCC to be chosen as the partner in fulfilling the clients’ desire in having their dream home. These new projects; two-storey residential building at Pueblo Golf Estates and one-storey residential building at Vista Verde Village are now already part of HPCC’s portfolio of projects. They are now included in the list of pueblo-vista-verde-village-homechoicequality built customized houses by HPCC. Just recently, the Pueblo Golf Estates project has started its full swing construction. And soon enough, the Vista Verde Village project will be next.

With the company’s mission of providing quality service, the clients definitely made the right choice in collaborating with HPCC to build their house. Assuredly, this partnership will be beyond from start to finish of the project. In behalf of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation; extending our sincerest gratitude to the project owners for entrusting us to be the builders of their house. Updates and developments of these projects will be posted soon. Until then!

Xavier Estates Project 9: Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication

10806244_740150882706599_7905951364548496343_nIt’s a year ender project for HPCC. This upcoming two-storey residential building at Xavier Estates Subdivision is the last but definitely not the least. After months of planning and discussion of the project, it has already come to its final plan and now ready for construction. And as before the year comes to a close, the owner together with HPCC and CDO First Assembly of God church has conducted the project’s Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Service last December 18.

In HPCC’s portfolio, this certain project is going to be the company’s 9th project in the said subdivision. It’s a customized modern design two-storey house; with 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, kitchen, a living and a dining room. It has also other house features that were according to the owner’s desire.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is glad to have been chosen as the contractor of this project at Xavier Estates. In behalf of the company, thank you to the owners for choosing us as builders and partner in fulfilling their dream house.

Any developments of this project will soon be posted in our website and facebook page. Updates soon!

The new Vista Verde Village Project

vista-verde-village-groundbreakingIt’s the first month of the second quarter and HPCC is happy to introduce its newest project in Vista Verde Village. This project is another two-storey residential building of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. It is another modern designed house of HPCC; and it was designed by one of our in-house architects and now an inclusion to the company’s portfolio of customized design houses.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is already a household name in Vista Verde Village. With the many houses that the company has built in the said subdivision, one can already see the HPCC trademark in each of the houses built in the subdivision. And now, another house is set to construct in Vista Verde Village. As part of the construction process, groundbreaking and lot dedication was held last 8th of April. The family, staffs and members of the FAOG church who have ministered the service were present in the ceremony.

vista-verde-village-homechoice-projectIt has been a tradition for HPCC to conduct a groundbreaking ceremony first as this is a way of thanking the Lord for the new project that He has given to the company. It is also a way of acknowledging the Lord’s presence and guidance in everything that we do. Everything in this world is owned by the Lord and it is but right that a blessing from Him is important before starting a project.

HPCC is excited to start this project and the family is eager as well to see the realization of their dream house. Thank you to the family for trusting the company’s service in making their dream house possible. Updates will be posted as soon as the construction of the house starts. Until then!