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The difference: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015

image002ISO is an independent membership organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. ISO 9001 is managed by the International Organization for Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland. It is known and commonly used standard for quality management system.

A new version of ISO 9001 appears about every seven years. The first standard was issued in 1987 and at that time you had to describe in detail what your business did. In the 1994 version, it was all about “say what you do and do what you say”. The 2000 version was focused on processes in order to continually improve and thereby increase customer satisfaction. There was nothing added in 2008 but it was more precise about the interpretation of the standard. And then on the 23rd of September 2015, ISO 9001:2015 was published.

With the new edition of ISO 9001, the question is what are its differences from the predecessor? For one, ISO 9001:2015 has ten clauses instead of eight. The first three clauses in ISO 9001:2015 are largely the same as those in ISO 9001:2008, but there are considerable differences from the fourth clause onwards. The last seven clauses are now arranged according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Clauses 4, 5, 6 and 7 of ISO 9001:2015 come under Plan, clause 8 comes under Do, clause 9 comes under check and clause 10 is covered by Act. With this new procedure, the new ISO 9001 edition strives to give additional momentum to the continuous and systematic improvement of processes within organizations.

ISO 9001:2015 has a high level structure as all standardized management systems. It puts more focus on input and output; measuring and properly assessing the input and output of processes. Risk based thinking is at the core of ISO 9001:2015; encouraging organization to use risk analysis for better management of business processes. Context of the organization is also important for ISO 9001:2015. It now requires an organization to construct its quality management system from the specific context within which it is active. There is extended engagement of interested parties such as the suppliers, personnel, shareholders, legislative bodies, society etc. unlike in the ISO 9001:2008 which was only focused with the customers. Also, there is more emphasis on leadership and management commitment; requiring greater involvement by top managers and business leaders in controlling the quality management system. In ISO 9001:2015, obligatory documented procedures or quality manual is no longer required. It is now referred to as “documented information”; there is no longer any mention of “records” neither, but of “retaining documented information”. There’s also a change of terminologies used in ISO 9001:2015.

Knowing the differences between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015, the question now is, how can companies transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015? There are recommended steps to follow in complying with ISO 9001:2015. Assuming a company is already ISO 9001 certified; first, the organization needs to perform baseline measurement; make a complete overview of the quality management status. Secondly, draw up a plan based on the baseline measurement. Then implement changes in accordance with the plan of approach. Fourth step will be the auditing and process analysis. It is to measure whether the changes have had the desired effect. Then have your organization certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Lastly, communicate with interested parties; show your certificate and results with pride. Let them see how well your company or organization manages its processes and continuously improves them.

OSHNET-10 conducts First Aid training

imageOccupational Safety and Health Network (OSHNet) – 10, Inc. has recently conducted training for nurses, safety officers and construction personnel. The training was a learning session on “First Aid in the workplace”; it was held on February 3, 2016 at Polymedic Medical Plaza.

Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation took part in the said training by sending their company nurse and safety officers to attend in the activity. Topics such as Roles and Responsibilities of the First Aid Provider, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, Head, Neck and Spine Injury, Burns and Electrical Injuries were discussed. The attendees were also taught different first aid treatments for stroke and abovementioned injuries. Skills such as proper removal of contaminated gloves were taught as well. Thanks to the speaker – Mr. Jarolito I. Ruiz, Assistant Director of Nursing – Training and Development of Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, USA; for imparting his knowledge and skills.

imageThe attendees actively participated in the three hour training; all were willing to learn and know the different first aid treatments, skills and procedures. There were segments prepared for the different first aid procedures where the participants are free to perform a return demonstration of the procedures learned. Thanks to the staff nurses of Polymedic Medical Plaza for patiently demonstrating the first aid procedures.

This training is a vital learning to all the participants; their knowledge and skills will not only be limited to their workplace but also can be used in their households or in any place. Such any accidents will occur, immediate first aid treatment can intervene further cause of the problem or even death.

Looking forward for more meaningful trainings and seminars of OSHNET-10! Cheers to the successful activity!

COLOR: The Smile of Nature

Colors play an important part in our lives. Colors can manipulate the way we think, act, and react. It can also affect our mood, whether it can soothe our eyes or irritate it, trigger the raise of blood pressure or calmly cradle us to sleep. Color is one of the most fulfilling elements in our lives.

Color is one of the first things we notice when walking into a room. From floor to ceiling, the color of the room reflects our style and personality. It is also a personal statement about what a home means.

White- White colors are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter.

Black- Black colors are sophisticated and warm; they give large rooms a more intimate appearance. Experts suggest that black is best used in small doses

Red- Raises the energy level of the room. Red draws people together and stimulates conversation. Red is a good choice for a dining room or living room, where people tend to gather. It is also been suggested that looking at the color red can increase one’s pulse, heart rate and blood pressure.

Yellow- perfect color for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms because it captures the joy of sunshine and stimulates happiness.

Blue- is considered calming, relaxing and serene, and it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. One must avoid using dark blue because it stimulates sadness and it adds a gloomy effect of the room.

There are different colors around us; it is up to you to decide on what colors is to be painted in your home. Mixing different colors adds different effects. We at Homechoice Planners Construction Corporation can help in making that “effect”.

Benefits of a single-story house and a two-story house

When it comes to choosing the perfect home, such thing as “one type fits all” does not exist.
One must carefully consider their budget, the location, the neighbors, and the type of house itself.

Bungalows or a one-story house are very convenient for the homeowner because all the rooms are on the same floor and there are no stairs between living areas. A bungalow is well suited to persons with impaired mobility, such as the elderly or those in wheelchairs.

Single-story benefits
+ more options for ceiling heights & skylights
+ more living space since you don’t need to spend square footage on staircase
+ safer for small children & easier for older people or physically challenged individual
+ easier to evacuate in case of a fire
+ no noise from stairs & second story traffic
+ less bathrooms needed since all are on same floor
+ can combine dirty kitchen with laundry area

A two story house is ideal in dividing the entertaining areas of the house which is on the first floor from the bedrooms on the second. A two story house is well-suited in a suburban settings or lots that are located in ridge area to fully appreciate the views.

Two-story benefits
+ more breath taking views than a one-story house
+ smaller foundation and roof area
+ upstairs bedrooms have more privacy
+ upstairs windows are safe to leave open
+ less roof to maintain, less distance for pipes and wires to travel
+ good exercise running up and down stairs every day!

Whether moving in a one-story or a two story house, as long as you and your family are happy and satisfied, then you have successfully added a beautiful chapter in the story of your life.

Turning Over of Property

Turn-over is the term used during the final stages of the construction phase. This is when the client takes control of the finished product. In order to assure smooth turn-over’s, there must be a complete fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the contract.

Ideally, the client or his SPA must finalize a series of activities that include confirming the property, completing the promotional activities and sale agreements. There must be a finalized move-in plan as well as a schedule for the unit inspections. Insurance, mail delivery, and garbage collection must already be in place. Inspecting and testing of the security systems must also be done before the turn over happens.

During the turn-over, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation (HPCC) provides the client with all the keys to the completed project. HPCC also hands over the “as-built” drawings to the project. HPCC also hands over any excess building material that was not fully used but in some cases, the client may choose to return the materials back to the contractor. Warranties can vary in different areas or territories. It is best to sit down and discuss warranty with the contractor as well as the developer. Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation warranty period runs about one year. And before any warranty period expires, our architect together with other appropriate consultants should be able to inspect the building to prepare a warranty report.

Careful understanding as to how the turn-over process needs to be done before any other activity.

Why Choose Homechoice Planners?

The construction industry is slowly making its way into a full blown industry here in the Philippines. More and more construction agencies are booking jobs everywhere in the country. But, there is one agency that has proven to be the cream of the crop. Homechoice Planners is the name of the firm. But why choose Homechoice Planners especially when it comes to CDO realty?

  1. The firm caters to everyone who has the need for top notch interior designing needs. The firm also knows the need to have high quality results hence interior designers know full well that working with Homechoice Planners can get the job done in time without compromising the quality of the result.
  2. Homechoice Planners also has a wide array of top quality architects who bring their A game to the table when it comes down to business. Expect knowledgeable architects who know what their clients want with the help of their skills.
  3. Expect state of the art technology when it comes to working with Homechoice Planners. These technology will be incorporated to every project that the client needs such as the New Building Innovation Technology wherein it has been used in different highly developed countries like Australia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and more. Years ago, such technology would not be applicable here in the Philippines yet alone in Cagayan de Oro but now, Homechoice Planners are up-to-date with the modern technologies that are being used worldwide today.

With that, there is no reason not to choose Homechoice Planners for your construction needs in Cagayan de Oro City.

How To Choose The Right Construction Company

The construction industry has made its way down south in Cagayan de Oro City. The city of friendship has been one of the most outstanding sites for construction of future landmarks in the country such as commercial buildings albeit residential ones. When talking about the construction industry and the companies that it caters, choosing the right construction management for CDO realty is crucial. Here are some tips on how to choose the right construction company.

  • In the metro, there are a lot of construction company to choose from but what separates the good one from the best? It’s the reputation a company makes through the quality of service they make. Make sure that you know what type of work they have done in the past. You can check the area yourself and see what the people have to say.
  • Ask yourself how do they manage changes in the plan. A construction firm must be flexible enough to manage any type of changes as well as alert you of the changes made to the plan. With regards to planning, a firm must be able to manage the process as smoothly as possible. Dissemination of information must also be done in a quick manner.
  • Confirm licensing. Of course, no client would want to work on a construction firm that does not have the legal basis to conduct any business. Your construction management company should be licensed under the jurisdiction that requires it hence you should demand for any license.
  • Safety is also a must for construction companies. If safety is one of their key goals and they have a track record of providing safety to both the company and the contractors as well as the client that work on the project, then they are a good company to work with.

Good thing all of these are found in HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation.

City Planning Seminar

city-planning-seminarLast February 14, the City Planning Development Office in collaboration with the Subdivision and Housing Development Association or SHDA, Inc. conducted a whole day seminar at Deluxe Hotel. The seminar was refresher training on Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) devolved functions in the processing and approval of subdivision application. The said meeting was attended by different property developers and contractors of Cagayan de Oro City. People in the real estate business and representatives of different organizations were present also.

Different offices and organizations of the government joined in the seminar. Each of the government offices and organizations had its own representative. To name a few, Architect Erlinda Nuval of the Office of the Building Official and Mr. Apolinar Banaag of the Department of Agrarian Reform were representatives from their respective offices. Various topics has been discussed in the event such as titling of the subdivision lots and processing period, conversion requirements and processing period, subdivision guidelines and a lot more interesting topics.

city-planning-seminar-oscar-morenoDuring the seminar, we were graced by the presence of our City Honorable Mayor Oscar Moreno and Vice Mayor Ian Acenas. It is said that for the first time, both the mayor and vice mayor were together in an event. It is such a privilege for us to have been able to see them together in one place. The mayor and vice mayor had the opportunity also to express their plans and desires for the city’s prosperity.

It was a great pleasure for us to have been able to attend the seminar. Questions have been answered during the open forum and clarifications have been made also. We, the attendees have learned a lot from the refresher training. Cheers to the organizers of the event. Looking forward for more seminars like this.

Company-Clientele hand-in-hand bring Fruitfulness

hand-in-hand-homechoiceWhen does a plant begin to bear fruit? Study of the plant life reveals that fruit-bearing is the inevitable result when a plant is well-nourished. Fruition happens when each part of a plant is as full as the others, and an overflow of vitamins and minerals has nowhere to go but express as a fruit.

Homechoice Planners, an active player in real estate development in Cagayan de Oro, values human resource development. We believe that good workmanship which spells good delivery of our construction projects can only be expected when our people are well- taken cared of. Taking care includes skills upgrading, updated facilities, functional systems flow, personnel support mechanisms, and character development. Some setbacks may be experienced at times but only to refocus on what is most important to be able to realize the company goal – a comfortable home our clients can showcase and our workers can be proud of. Productivity is built and nourished on camaraderie, accountability, and mutual trust among the administration, the human resource and the clients.

We are grateful to our clients or would-be clients: we are in business because you trust us in helping you realize your dream of home- the main plant of our partnership . But the story does not stop there…As offshoot to the delivery of your well-built houses, TOGETHER WE ARE PROVIDING JOBS to construction workers and MAKING IMPACT to the community by their EMPOWERED FAMILIES. What fruits could be better than these?

Tips on Choosing the Right Home Builder

Thinking about realizing your dream house, but not sure how to start? To help you in finding the right General Contractor for your new home, here are some simple tips to follow:

· Sketch your dream – before consulting an architect, you can begin by drawing or sketching out your ideas; imagining your dream home. In this way, the architect can easily make perspective and floor plans out of your sketches.

· Check for referrals and reviews – the best contractor is often busy not by advertising but by finding work through “word of mouth” referrals and repeat customers. So, collect referrals and recommendations from friends, co-workers, neighbors and material suppliers.

· Choose contractors that are licensed and insured – research their background before hiring them. It is important that you check if your contractor is licensed and properly insured because it ensures that they are qualified to do the work. Their insurance should cover damage to your house or if a worker gets injured on the job. Keep in mind that just because they’re licensed contractor, doesn’t mean they’re insured. It’s up to you to do the diligence and make sure they are insured.

· Select contractors that have their own office – contractors owning an office would mean that they are an established construction company; it is more convenient and easier for you to visit their office for your concerns and needs. It would also mean that they wouldn’t run away from you and your transactions.

· Interview your contractor – don’t be afraid to ask questions from your contractor. For example, you can ask about how long they have been in the business or have they done projects that are similar to yours, etc. Building your home is an investment of time and money; and you want to make sure that you’re hiring someone who is up for the requirements of the job.

· Ensure a contract – it is vital to have a contract with your general contractor. Things like the start date and expected completion date of construction, as well as the exact work inclusions and costs should be included in the contract. Both parties should sign the contract and have a copy.

· Make sure it offers the right price – look for the right builder that fits to your price range and find someone whose work you like and you can trust. Be open and ask about what they charge so that you’ll know if you can afford to pay them. At the beginning of the job, be very clear of the costings and ask whether you need to be prepared for any unexpected costs. And also keep in mind not to hire contractors that are solely based on lowest price.

· Look for a reliable contractor with good track record – prior to hiring a contractor, you have to make sure that your contractor is reliable. See to it that they have a good track record which shows that their previous projects were successful. It is a guarantee to you that they are a trustworthy company.