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HPCC ventures in Socialized Housing

38683801_1742209452500732_4111924680426782720_nFor almost 12 years now, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has been a known builder of customized houses. And for almost 12 years, HPCC has been building mid to high end customized houses. HPCC may still be a baby in the construction industry, comparing to other renowned construction firms here in Cagayan de Oro City that has been in the industry for decades already, but one quality that makes HPCC stand out from the others is its innovativeness.

Like any other construction company here in the city, HPCC started out as a traditional builder of houses that is using CHB or the core hollow block. 38635912_1742209435834067_4238330876527640576_n And then in the year 2012, HPCC went out of the norm and started using the Plaswall Technology as their main ingredient in building houses, making them the first one to use this kind of system here in Cagayan de Oro City. HPCC’s very first project using the Plaswall Technology was a success and with this, the system has started to become HPCC’s trademark here in the city. Fast forward to this time, Plaswall Technology is still part of HPCC’s construction system. Because of the system’s efficacy, it has gained interest from clients and even other construction firms as to how it works. And this is the reason why one of the known housing developers here in the city has tapped with HPCC to venture in their newest development.

38528903_1742209449167399_1240406870280110080_nA Brown Company Inc. – the renowned developer of Xavier Estates, Teakwood Hills and Ventura Residences is developing new projects and one of it is a socialized housing located at Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City called Mangoville. This certain project is HPCC’s pioneering venture in socialized housing and collaboration with a housing developer. Last August 13, HPCC held its groundbreaking prayer and started its layout at Mangoville. This project is set to finish on November this year. And HPCC is excited about this project since it’s the company’s desire to have a venture in subdivision and housing developments.

Thanks to A Brown Company Inc. for opening its door to HPCC and for giving them the opportunity to start fulfilling one of their desires. Congratulations to HPCC and A Brown Company Inc. for this collaboration!

HPCC towards Innovation

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is making another mark towards innovativeness by embarking on a new venture. For three years now, HPCC has already been known for using the Plaswall Technology on their projects. It has made the company as one of the contractors in Cagayan de Oro City to use a modern construction approach. And with the company’s commitment in new innovation and modern construction, HPCC has ventured in yet another technology – the Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology.

This innovation of using Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology is another method of HPCC in modern construction. This certain technology is made from mixing preformed stable foam into slurry of cement, sand and water. The stable foam is the important ingredient in the making of this concrete, and it must be stable and last through the initial stages of mixing the concrete. As a way of incorporating the Lightweight Foamed Concrete on HPCC’s future projects, they have invited a Malaysian technology-based company that specializes in Industrialized Building System – DRN Concrete Resources. The said company provides consultancy, technology and products related to Lightweight Foamed Concrete Technology.

The Lightweight Foamed Concrete or the Portafoam System is a widely used technology in Malaysia and also of some other countries. Portafoam’s component makes it lighter than the traditional CHB. And it also possesses special properties such as low thermal conductivity and high fire resistance. Its density ranges from as low as 400 kg/m3 to as high as 1600 kg/m3; allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as pre-cast wall blocks and panels, cast in-situ lightweight, floor and roof screeds, trench reinstatement, road foundations and void filling.

HPCC continues to widen its horizon through innovations such as this Portafoam System. HPCC believes that through the use of this technology, modern construction in Cagayan de Oro City will be more significant. And with this step towards innovation, Mindanao will soon be following the modern construction trend of Luzon and Visayas. And these new technologies for modern construction will soon be widely used here in Mindanao. Cheers to modernization of construction!

HPCC collaborates with Tuscania CDO

Tuscania-homechoice-project-capriTuscania CDO is a renowned subdivision that is located in the heart of the city – Kauswagan,
Cagayan de Oro City.  It is an Italian-inspired village with houses that is uniquely designed in sync with the subdivision’s theme.

And now, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation proudly announces its collaboration with Tuscania CDO. It was decided that one of Tuscania’s house models – Capri, a bungalow type of house will be built by HPCC. Of course, in building the Capri model house, we’ll be using the Plaswall Technology. This partnership with Tuscania CDO is another way for the company to further promote the usage of Plaswall Building System here in Cagayan de Oro City. Plaswall Building System is widely used in Luzon and Visayas already and HPCC aims to spread the use of it here in Mindanao. With the advantage that the technology’s giving among other materials used, the turn-over of the house is at its best quality compared to the others.

Just last May 20, 2013, a groundbreaking and lot dedication ceremony was conducted. It has been practiced by HPCC to hold such activity first before starting the actual layout of the project. It is essential to offer our every endeavor to the Lord Almighty; the earth is His and everything in it. So, we should honor Him in everything that we do because it has been given by the Lord.

HPCC intends the faster delivery of the project by using the Plaswall Building System; that’s why the company targeted to finish the project in less than a month. And in just 11 days of work, layout and structural works are done. For next week scheduled works, it is set to work on the semi finishing of the house such as skim coating and furring. Further updates of the project can be seen posted on our facebook page and company website. So, just check it out guys! We’ll keep you updated!

HPCC’s School Project

Noah's-Ark-School-Building-Project-GroundbreakingHere’s another first for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation – a School Building Project! Yes! It’s a first for HPCC to venture in the construction of a school building. And this certain building is of Noah’s Ark Christian School that is located at Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City.

From construction of residential buildings to commercial building and now a school building project, HPCC has indeed widened its perspective to greater innovation. With HPCC’s ingenuity, it has helped the company to further its horizon and embark in new things. The company has come out from its comfort zone of building residential houses and has extend its services to constructing commercial and school buildings.

This school building project will be a remarkable one for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation as of course it’ll be a first for the company. Also, Plaswall Technology will be used in building for faster delivery and high quality finish of the said project. This certain project is a modern designed two-storey building that is composed of four classrooms; and it is uniquely designed by one of our in-house architects.

Noah's-Ark-School-Building-ProjectLast 18th of May 2013, the Noah’s Ark Christian School conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication service. The faculty and staffs of NACS were present in the ceremony that was ministered by the CDO First Assembly of God Church. In the ceremony, the NACS staffs couldn’t contain their excitement for this project and we at HPCC as well are eager to see the result of this project.

To NACS, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for giving us the opportunity to venture in this project. We’re glad that you have entrusted us to realize your school’s dream, which is having a new school building. And, thank you Lord for this amazing grace that you have bestowed upon our company.

As to the updates of this project, we’ll keep you posted as soon as the construction starts. Until then!

Plaswall Technology on the Go!: Turn-over & House Blessing of X.E. Project 7

Plaswall-Bungalow-HouseKudos to HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for another successful project! A newly built bungalow house was turned over to another satisfied client last April 27, 2013; in the same date, house blessing was also conducted.

This house and lot project of HPCC at Xavier Estates is the company’s second house construction that was made by Plaswall Building System. Since the company’s venture in this technology, construction of houses has been faster thus the target completion is attained on time. Using the Plaswall Technology, it ensures delivery of a good quality house to the client. As a result of this, HPCC continues to promote and market the use of Plaswall Building System.

Xavier-Estates-Plaswall-BuildingFor this project, HPCC proudly turned over the house to its rightful owner as this will now be included in the company’s portfolio of customized and conceptualized houses. The house was built according to the client’s desires and plans; and we are glad to see the satisfaction shown by the owner of the house. And in return, we would like to thank the family for giving us the opportunity to realize their dream home. Seeing the smiles plastered on their faces as they have seen the outcome of the construction, gave us the will to continue our undertaking.

The turning over and house blessing of the house was a success as the family’s friends and relatives were present in the event. And we just couldn’t contain our gladness hearing the guests’ praises and appreciation for the built house. With this, HPCC would like to express its sincerest gratitude to the family for believing in our services and abilities in building their house. As we have realized their dreams, ours has also been fulfilled and that is to be a blessing unto others. And we all deserve applause for that – Cheers!

The Rise of HCB Building

homechoice-buildingHPCC marches forth! It was not so long ago when HomeChoice Builders Corporation was established. It was founded in June 2006 and then became HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation in June 2009. In its seven short years of existence in the construction business, HPCC has already built a trademark in the said field.

For HPCC’s seven years of existence, its advocacy has not been merely about building houses. As the company continually grows, its advocacy also began spreading to wider scopes and thus made the company more successful. As such, conducting bible study services every Monday has made a great impact to the success of the company. Putting God first and acknowledging Him in all the things that He has done has committed HPCC to be a blessing unto others.

In the seven years service of the company, it has built almost 150 houses to date. With the number of houses built, there were almost 150 families also that HPCC was able to help in realizing their dreams. And of course, HomeChoice Planners wouldn’t be able to build all these houses without its staffs and construction workers. HPCC exists in this business not just to build houses but also to help other people. And because the company is a blessing to other people, HPCC has been blessed more with God’s graces.

hcb-buildingOne of the great blessings that HPCC has received is the soon to construct HCB Building. This very first commercial building project of HPCC is a proof that the company has grown in the construction field. And just last April 2, 2013, HPCC conducted a groundbreaking and lot dedication ceremony for the said building at Golden Glow North Commercial Arcade.

This new project is a four storey commercial building; where in it will cater to commercial and office spaces for rent. There’s also a floor that will be intended for room rentals also. As soon as the building will be finished, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation will be transferring its office to the new building. This is an exciting project because the Plaswall Building System will be used; and this will be the first commercial building here in Cagayan de Oro City that will be using the said technology. Updates of this project will be posted soon. Until then!

Plaswall Building System: A New Innovation

plaswall-building-systemA new technology is making its way here in Cagayan de Oro City. It is an innovation that is surely a big factor in the construction field. It’s a first here in the City of Golden Friendship; and we at HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is definitely taking part of this new innovation.

HPCC proudly introduces the Plaswall Building Technology. This system offers a quality building product that uses locally manufactured Hardiflex fiber cement sheet. Plaswall Building System started here in the Philippines around 2000 and with its great quality, it has long expanded to other cities here in our country. Other countries abroad such as Abu Dhabi, Australia, India, Qatar, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain also uses this kind of technology in building structures.

Our company offers this new and faster system in building structures. And we are proud to say that we are the first to use and market this new technology in Cagayan de Oro City. Plaswall is a unique fibrocement that replaces costly steel aluminum and plywood formworks. It produces a complete load bearing wall with a complete rendered finish. And it requires significantly lower skilled labor to build high quality concrete homes and buildings. Also, this kind of system is effective to use in constructing houses, schools, high rise buildings and landscape structures.

plaswall-homechoiceFor developers and builders, Plaswall Building System gives a great deal of benefit. For one, it has fast clean method of building that is twice as fast as the traditional way; ensuring buyers and clients a predictable deliver time of home. It is prefabricated to order, so wastages are minimized. It’s easy to use and learn for conventional builders; with guaranteed high quality of finish. Compared to the conventional way, Plaswall has durable finish that minimizes reworks and repairs. Also, it has higher earthquake and typhoon resistance. Other advantages of using Plaswall Technology are as follows:

  • higher Assessed value by banks and agency such as Pagibig making securing of end user finance easier and faster
  • AITECH approved building system (as required by GSIS and PAGIBIG)
  • equivalent on cost to conventional building (most cases lower)
  • higher quality buildings producing higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher sales and better loan collection rate.
  • Higher quality without higher cost (sales and marketing advantage)
  • shorter build times reduces project management and finance costs (2nd tier cost savings)
  • uniform quality of building regardless of number of contractors used
  • complies with Phil. National Building Code, British, American and Australian Building Codes

plaswall-finished-homechoiceThe very first project that has used the Plaswall Building System here in Cagayan de Oro City can be found in one of the high end subdivisions here; and that is in Xavier Estates. The said project was constructed by our company and we couldn’t be more grateful for its outcome. Indeed, the building process is faster and results are of great quality. Plaswall Building System is definitely rocking the construction business. Kudos!

A New Abode

plaswall-house-blessingCheers! This is for the family who’s now staying in their new house built by HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. The cheer is also extended to the company for the success in building the house using the Plaswall Building System.

This newly done house at Xavier Estates house was the first project of HomeChoice Planners that has used the Plaswall Technology. It’s a first here in Cagayan de Oro City and our company is proud of it. As you can see, the finished product of this new innovation that the company has ventured, is now standing proudly in one of the city’s high end subdivision; Xavier Estates.

Along with the company’s successful work is turning the family’s dream into realization; as they have transferred to their new humble abode. With this, a house blessing was conducted by the family. The said ceremony was conducted last February 8, 2013. It was a lunch event and invited were the relatives and friends of the family as well as the company’s staffs and the church who ministered the service; CDO First Assembly of God church that was headed by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon and Ptr. Walter Richie.

plaswall-homechoiceAt the end of the service, the owner of the house went up front and gave a short speech, thanking our company for the services that we have given to them. HomeChoice Planners is of course overwhelmed with the gratefulness that the family has shown to the company. It’s also our pleasure to be helping and working with the family. And it’s a privilege for us to be able to make their dreams come true. Because that’s what our company aims to do; turning your dream house into reality. Congratulations to the family for their new abode!