Competent Workers

11224617_815821561806197_2437406618945389523_nIt is HPCC’s commitment to ensure most satisfied customers, deliver highest quality service and continually improve its quality management system. One of the most important ways in achieving its commitment is thru the competence of its workers. Establishing rapport and building good relationship with the clients are contributing factors to having satisfied customers. These are also contributory factors to the competency of the company and its workers. Being competent measures the workmanship and attitude of a certain person toward its work. It is where we can determine how passionate one can be with its work. If one is passionate with its work; positive outcome and result will exude from it.

As a way of showing how HPCC values its workers’ workmanship, the company has recognized and acknowledged the workers that have shown competence with their work. Last June 1, during the bible study 10462852_815821888472831_5030550085205116256_nfellowship, six workers were awarded with certificates and tokens for their outstanding performances from the month of January to April 2015. These workers were recognized for their competency and complete attendance which means no tardiness and absences in work. Congratulations to the recipients! Keep up the good work!

For the workers who have received an award, HPCC hopes that this won’t be the first and last award that they’ll be receiving. May this award give them the inspiration to continue their good works in the company. And for the other workers, may this be an inspiration for them to do their best also so that they too will be recognized on the next awarding. Kudos!