God’s Love

homechoice-holy-week-2013“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

This is one of the known verses in the bible that is telling us just how much God loves us. For our salvation, he sacrificed His own son to save us from all of our sins. It is God’s greatest way of showing His unconditional and unending love for us. Jesus Christ, the only son of our God, took away all our sin and shame. Despite of all the evil doings that we have done against the will of God, Jesus took account of it all and died on the cross. What an overwhelming feeling knowing that after all the wrong things we have done, God accepted us and forgave all our sins through the life of His son.

With this, it has been an annual practice for us to celebrate the Lenten Season. Within this time, we take our time off from work and spend the week reflecting on the things that we have done be it good or bad. This is also the time where in we commemorate Jesus Christ’s death and the salvation it has given to us. And as part of this celebration, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation also took time off from work and joined in the celebration of the yearly Lenten Season.

holy-week-2013Last March 27, 2013, HPCC conducted a Holy Week reflection service at CDO First Assembly of God church. It was the first time that HPCC held its holy week service in the said church and it was a memorable one. The service had become more meaningful because we were graced by the presence of the four known pastors of CDO FAOG. We were privileged to have been preached by four different pastors that has tackled various topics for us. Ptr. Roger Ruiz taught us about the essence of water baptism. Ptra. Leah Richie, who’s the second preacher, tackled about the meaning of true worship; who, when, where, why and how should we worship God. And lastly, Ptr. Walter Richie, discussed about the roles and importance of the believer and Holy Spirit. Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon, the senior pastor of CDO FAOG also gave some additional insights to the topics that have been discussed. It was a spirit-filled day and everybody learned so much from the topics discussed.

hpcc-holy-week-2013Reflecting on our sins and asking for forgiveness should not be done only in the Lenten Season. Acknowledging God’s presence and commemorating Jesus’ death should not be remembered during holy week only. The Almighty Father is present always and He remembers us always so we too should reciprocate it. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross 2000 years ago carrying only the sins present during those times; He suffered on the road of Calvary and died carrying on His shoulders the shame and sins of all the people from the past; including us in the present and future times. Every day in our lives, we should acknowledge God’s presence and remember the salvation that Jesus Christ has given to us. We need to reciprocate it by abiding God’s will and reading the bible daily. Submit our self fully to the Lord Almighty and receive Jesus Christ in our life. God’s love is unconditional; he sees no wrong or right. He is the only constant in our life and in return, we should make Him constant in our lives also. All glory and praises to God! Happy Resurrection Jesus Christ!