HPCC goes Retro

retro-monday-homechoiceEvery Monday, HPCC workers gather at the company’s warehouse for the weekly bible study and fellowship. This fellowship has been the company’s practice for almost five years now. And just recently, another activity has been included in the Monday fellowship of the company.

Retro Monday – is what we call with the newly added activity. This certain activity started last July 15, where in songs and videos from the 70’s and 80’s are shown to the workers. And from those videos shown, they will follow the steps and dance in the tune of retro songs. This activity serves as an early morning exercise for the workers.

This Retro Monday dance exercise has been practiced for two weeks now and it sure helped the workers in unleashing their dancing prowess. It did not only help them in boosting their confidence, it has also helped them with their fitness and health. We do all know that health is wealth and another way of achieving this is thru exercising. And dancing is one of those exercises.

HPCC conducted this kind of activity in preparation also for the upcoming December event; that as early as now, the workers are already exposed to all the retro stuff. And with this, they will be ready as ever when the event will come. Here’s to a healthy living – kudos!