Under the blood: HPCC’s Holy Week Service

under-the-blood-of-the-lamb-holy-week-2015It’s an annual activity for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation to conduct a service for the holy week. Every year, there’s always a theme that is set for the holy week service.

This year’s theme was entitled “Under the blood”; where each guest speaker discussed the essence of being under the blood of the lamb. There were four speakers and each of them shared the significance of the blood of the lamb. Though each speaker shared different verses, it sums up to one important point; the grace that we have through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us. Our salvation is God’s way of showing His great love for us. That through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we have now full access to God. Jesus Christ tore the veil and made a way for us to get closer to His father. There’s no need for us to give offerings holy-week-2015-homechoiceand sacrifices because Jesus Christ has done it all for us. He died on the cross carrying all our burden and shame; the great act of unconditional love.

The activity ended with participants filled with knowledge and wisdom of God’s teaching. Thanks to the speakers; Ptr. Walter Ritchie, Ptr. Leah Ritchie, Sis. Iris Porras and Bro. Randy Pianar. The participants have indeed learned a lot from the speakers’ words of wisdom and encouragement. This activity gave the participants something to ponder for this Lenten week. Glory to God!