A Night at Primavera Residences

mass-wedding-2013-primaveraIn line with the mass wedding celebration of HPCC last August 26, the company has collaborated with Primavera Residences to give one of the newlyweds a very special wedding gift. And what could be the special gift that you can give to the newlywed – a honeymoon treat!

Prior to the mass wedding ceremony, HPCC had already chosen a couple for the overnight stay at Primavera Residences by draw lots. The chosen couple was then announced during the reception. It was a priceless moment for the chosen couple as they were so grateful for the treat that they have received. After the wedding ceremony, staff of HPCC then accompanied the couple to their destination.

primavera-mass-wedding-homechoicePrimavera Residences is known for being the first eco-friendly building in the city. Its features and amenities are great factors to attract prospect buyers. And to further promote their project, they have opened their doors for those who want to experience the lifestyle of condo living even for just a night. With this offer, it was a privilege for those chosen couple to have a taste of living in a condominium. The honeymoon treat was indeed a special one as they finally had a time off from work and just for themselves.

The couple stayed in a 1 bedroom fully furnished unit of Primavera Residences. Inclusive of their stay is a swim in the condominium’s salt chlorine pool and a breakfast at Jeannette’s Pizza. The couple really enjoyed with their stay at Primavera Residences. They had fun and a great time also.

HPCC is again glad to be a part of the couple’s wonderful experience. Thanks to Primavera Residences for they have been a big part also for this amazing treat to the newlywed couple. Cheers to all of us!