Advancing towards 2015

11415_753156424739378_6657101847590163881_nAs HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation closes its curtain for year 2014, the company went down to memory lane and looked back on how the year went for them. It has been a roller coaster ride for HPCC; there were moments of ups and downs. But in every circumstance that the company has been into, it hadn’t stopped HPCC to continue with its endeavor. And without all those ups and downs, HPCC wouldn’t be able to make its advancement to 2015.

Before leaving 2014 behind and advancing to 2015, HPCC conducted its closing activities such as the thanksgiving celebration that happened last 20th of December in the company’s warehouse. The thanksgiving celebration served also as the Christmas party of the workers. The past years have been a grand celebration of Christmas parties but this time 10537742_753156534739367_3055159963642827114_naround the company has decided to make it simple. Just like how the company celebrated its Christmas party when they were just starting the business. The thanksgiving celebration was ministered by the senior pastor of CDO FAOG church, Pastor Elpie Taboclaon. A simple yet satiating feast was then prepared for the attendees. It was a memorable party even with its simple preparation.

Another activity conducted was the overnight planning cum sales awarding last 22nd and 23rd of December at Eco-Village Gardens of Malasag. The said activity was participated by HPCC staff and RPM Realty agents and it was indeed a productive overnight stay for them. A lot has prepared for the overnight stay; there was the fellowship during day one where guests from CDO FAOG church arrived and gave the participants words of wisdom. The staff and agents were also grouped according to their department and did some brainstorming for their 2015 goals and plans. During day two, each department 10915169_753257658062588_4297601613918417045_npresented their goals and plans. The sales awarding of RPM Realty was also conducted during day two, acknowledging the top performers for the year. With this, we would like to congratulate the top performers, who are as follows: 3rd placer Crisanto Peniscula Jr., 2nd placer Klinju Roy Masangcay and 1st placer Jezreel James Manrique. Kudos to you guys!

The overnight activity at Gardens of Malasag ended with glee. The participants have not only learned something from the words of wisdom that was shared and their goals and plans that they have brainstormed; they have also enjoyed a lot with the fun games that was prepared and the park’s amenities such as early morning swim, sightseeing of the park’s picturesque view and a walk around the nature park.

With the activities that were prepared, surely the workers and staff of HPCC are now ready to take a step forward to 2015. Year 2014 has indeed been a great year for HPCC as it has left so many memories for the company; memories that are worth keeping and remembered. Here’s to the advancement of HPCC to 2015. Cheers for the good year to come!