Kiddie Super Christmas Party

superhero-christmas-partyGrowing up, we are fond of watching cartoons and movies with superhero themes. We tend to portray our favorite superhero character that we like and play with other kids. As a kid, there were times that we imagine that we have super powers and do things like fly and teleport. Pretending to be Batman, Superman, Captain America and Wonder Woman are just some of the famous superhero characters that kids mimic.

To experience an extra ordinary Christmas Party, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation conducted a party last December 20 for the staff and workers’ kids with a theme of “Super Christmas Kiddie Party”. It was a whole day party at Philam-Life Village clubhouse with a two part program; part one of the program was all about fellowship. In the said fellowship, the children were grouped according to their age bracket. The mothers and guardians of the children had a separate fellowship also. Pastoral staff of CDO FAOG church was there also as they were the ones who kiddie-xmasled in the fellowship. In line with the party’s theme, they taught the attendees who the real and true superhero is. And that superhero is none other than Jesus Christ. Being the son of God, He alone can do great miracles; nothing is impossible with Him. And what has made Him a great hero? He gave us salvation by saving us from all of our sins. Isn’t He a true superhero? Indeed He is!

Part two of the program was all about the food, games and fun fun fun. Puppet shows, photo booth and bouncing house were prepared for the kids. For food, there were unlimited popcorn and ice cream. Before they went home, gifts were also given to the kids and also the mothers. It was really a fun filled party. The attendees went home happily and packed with learning from the fellowship. In behalf of HPCC, our sincerest gratitude to the kids and the mothers for participating in the event. Their participation made the event a success. Happy Christmas to us!