Overflowing Year

homechoice-xmas-party-2013Year 2013 is indeed a year full of blessings for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. It has been a year with overflowing blessings for the company. This year has opened new opportunities for the company. It gave HPCC the privilege to venture into new projects like constructing school and commercial buildings. Aside from these new ventures, residential projects were also in store for the company.

With the amazing projects that the company has been receiving this year, it has been decided that it is time to honor all of these blessings. Last December 23, HPCC celebrated its Christmas party with the theme of “Overflowing Goodness and Love”. With the abundant blessings that the company has received, conducting the said party was HPCC’s way of giving back to the people who have great contribution in the company’s success. Because HPCC was blessed, the company also wants to be a blessing unto others.

retro-christmas-party-2013The party was a whole day event held at Dynasty Court hotel. HPCC workers and staff came to the party wearing their best retro attire. It was such a fun event because of the full packed program. The said party had a two part program; as part one of the program, words of encouragement from Pastor Elpie Taboclaon of CDO First Assembly of God church was shared to the workers and staff of HPCC. It’s a way of inspiring the attendees with the word of God. Indeed, a lot has learned from what Pastor Elpie has shared.

And so after the fellowship, the part two of the program comes. The much awaited Christmas presentations were then performed in the second part of the program. The workers and staff showcased their talents in singing and dancing. They also showed their creative skills by displaying their parols made out of recycled materials. And with this, congratulations to all the winners! You know who you are. Aside from the presentations, raffle and door prizes were in store also for the attendees. At the end of the party, everyone went home happily bringing something to their family.

parol-making-chistmas-party-2013The party held serves as a closing event for the year. And because it was an overflowing year for HPCC, the party was indeed a blast. Everyone had fun and have something to thank for. Cheers to everyone who took part in the success of the party. Kudos to us!