Construction Projects Updates

Redosendo’s HouseThe almost done mansion-like house by the Redosendo’s family is now on its good phase and is now about to boost its beautiful aura. Here is the construction and the embellishing developments of the house.

It is now having its vital pillars, jolly color combination of its paints encrusting the entire building, and majestic views inside the house, with its very spacious bed rooms and fascinating toilet and baths. Its curves, really entice every one to look at.

We are proud to say and present this project we have, which our workers, are that hardworking and full of patient upon building this house for the family. We would like also to thank God for making this project almost done and that real protector to one of us in the office, especially to those people who are manually doing the job to be done.

For now, we are waiting for the accomplishment for this house and for us, in the office, to turn- over this unit to Mr. & Mrs. Redosendo soon!

Malack’s HouseThe two-storey house of Malack’s family is finally done with the house structuring. It will soon has its complete view with its inside amenities and the embellishing needed to make the house complete and that appealing. As of now, it has this front view. It would be easy for our workers to make this house be completed. It is now done with the smoothening. It is now prepared for the next development, and surely, we will update all of you online for that!
Naval’s HouseAs of February 8, 2011, we have this update for Naval’s house construction in Morning Mist. It has now its house structuring and the phase of near smoothening and furnishing. Our workers are still that enthusiastic enough to do their job and to make their work worth working for.

With this project, we are also that thankful, since the owner are that willing to help the office to make all the function of each worker to be in good and worth living for. They have the same vision in the office, which is to do good things to other people, with the blessings they received from above.

We are on the path of goodness to finish this project with ease, faith and solidarity in the office with the construction workers as well as the masons and those people who could make the project well done according to the plan and views of the owners.

Morre’s HouseAs the year 2011 has come, this is the development for this house project owned by the Mr. & Mrs. Morre, in Morning Mist. It is now having the walling and the structuring of the house inside and the visible concept it portrayed on its perspective. The office and the people in the construction department are now ready for the required views and the total criticisms by the owner. Now, here are the phases of the house construction for a couple of months upon this project had started.

We are in the point of making this project be on its full beau and realization, to help every one in the construction and in the office to reach the dream of those people who are behind of this house and lot package’s dreams.

Wilson’s HouseThe 2 months old bungalow house construction in Vista, Verde by the Wilson’s family, is now having this view:

It is now on its last phase of development to finish the house amenities. It is now having its installed kitchen cabinets, doors, toilet & bath, inside painting and the done structuring of the house. It will have its furnishings soon and be that presentable to all of us. This house is just at the back of our project also, which is the first model house in the area.

To the owner of this property, thank you for choosing our office to be part of your dream. You are in good hands, with us, in Homechoice Planners!

Cotanda’s HouseThis project was also started last August, 2010 and now, we are proud to show you the update for this house building with its developments.

It has now having its, kitchen cabinets, tiled flooring, bed rooms’ paint colors, the done structuring, the sliding doors and the glass windows. It also has the complete house amenities. A bit of development, it would be finished with its complete furnishings and looks.

We are praying for the good outcome for this project. We are happy to serve the Cotanda’s family for this dream house they longed for. More updates for the weeks to come!


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