Golden Glow Village Project 1 Update

“A good start for a good new year with this good project.”

There is really nothing compares in working with the project that is in-line in God’s will. This project we have in Golden Glow Village is now having its construction developments. After almost two months of construction it is now having the following enhancements:

Ceiling works in 48%
Installation of trusses in 70%
Skim coating in 100%
Installation of farring in 70%

The construction is still on-going this time, which is really in wave also due of things to consider. But we in the company are really on the go of making things to do our duties to make this project be done accordingly as the plan is. The enhancements for this one is as of now has to be completed. We will be going to inform or update all of you for whatever the improvements for this for this month as well. We are on the same goal of making this one magnificently in its exterior and interior. We are very thankful for making this project still going, despite everything else happened.

We are blessed as well for having this project still progressing and that durably and elegantly on. Thank you as well for those construction workers who are still on their patience and strength to have this one on motion. This is to actualize the good start for a good year with this good project to be completely finished in the near future.


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