Golden Glow Village Project 1 Update!

“Making things possible through good things and ways is to be treasured all through the years.”

Many are the things happened for this year in the company and there are those that are really, memorable and that, to be kept in. As we go through to our journey with this construction field in profession we have, we encounter lots of things to treasure too. There are those experiences on field that are not that enticing to us to keep on going, but there are those as well, which are healthily reasonable. Like this house and lot project we have here in Golden Glow Village, which is really doing good and on its blast of interior enhancements with the construction update it has for the month of December.

As of December, first week, it has now the following improvements:

Installation of ceiling 30%
Installation of synthetic stone (continuation) 85%
PVC doors installed 25%
Skim coating including molding 95%

Until now, our workers are still on the site to have every detail of its construction will be done precisely and that highly satisfactorily. Those improvements are soon to be elevated to with their scheduled over time to have its traces be scheduled and for its roofing soon. Hopefully for this month, we can make this unit be done with its roofing for the continued tiles installation and for its interior finishing too. We will update you all about this unit too soon. This is to treasure all of the good things done by the company with the owner of this house construction project we have for this year. We will make sure that, with the goodness of this house owner, we will deliver them the good unit which they are expecting to gain in the future.


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