Golden Glow Village Project 2 Update

Trust is a value that should be treasured. Our company values trust because we believe that fundamental honesty is the keystone of business. If we are honest towards to other people then we can be a trustworthy person. That’s what we practice here in our company; we render good and honest services to our clients because trust important to us. With these honest services, we would be able to deliver true facts and information to our dear clients.

How can our clients trust the harvest, unless they see it sown? The main reason why we keep on posting updates regarding our different construction projects. It’s for the clients to see the developments on their house.

Just like this Golden Glow Village Project 2, we see to it that we post every accomplishment that we have done with this house. And speaking about accomplishments, last week we were able to do the 70% Excavation and 40% Installation of scaffoldings. For this week’s enhancements, the following were done:

-Excavation 100%
-Installation of scaffoldings 80%
-Installation of reinforcement for columns 100%
Electrical preparation 100%
-Pouring of concrete footing 15%
-Installation of forms 40%

As for next week’s planned activities, these are the things that should be done:

-Continuation of scaffold installation
Pouring of concrete footing
-Installation of forms
Pouring of 2nd floor slab

The updates that we keep on posting as to the developments of our projects are what we have sown. And we do this for the clients to trust the harvest. So for other updates, it will soon be posted. Photos are included as well. Until then!


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