Golden Glow Village Project 1 Update

Achievement. They say that the greatest achievements are those that benefit others. We, at HomeChoice Planners, is very grateful with all the achievements that we’ve had. Our achievements did benefit a lot of people. With the projects that we had, we were able to give jobs to those who are seeking for it and also help the families who want a house of their own.

Another project that soon can be included in our achievements is the house construction at Golden Glow Village. For the developments of this house, two weeks ago we were able to do the following:

-Installation of railings at stairs 90%
-Installation of railings at terrace 90%
-Installation of steel stairs for attic 20%
-Installation of facia frame 100%
-Installation of facia board 100%
-Installation of spandrel 40%
-Tapping at fire wall and plastering 100%
Tile works 25%
-Stone works 100%

And as for this week’s accomplishment, here are as follows: Installation of railings at stairs 100%, Installation of railings at terrace 10, Installation of PVC door jambs 100%, Installation of door jambs 100%, Installation of steel stairs at attic 50%, Installation of tiles at CR portion 100%, Skim coating 98%, Applying of power mix (water proofing) at fire wall 100% and Removing of scaffold/protection at fire wall 100%.

Next week, here are the scheduled activities: Continuation of steel stair installation, Installation of spandrel, Installation of roofing, Carpentry works, Tile works and Ceiling works.

In a short time, we will soon see this house come out of the picture. We just can’t wait to take snap shots of this house for us to post in our facebook pages and websites. Of course, the purpose of this is for all of you to see the result of our work. Updates soonish!


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