Golf Estate Two- Storey House Project By: Mr. & Mrs. Pollard

When we talk about Golf Estate, it means, high-end, luxurious and in demand area for residential area; it has CLASS and highly regarded one. To be one of those people living in there is much fulfilling. That is why, we are happy, that even our projects in Homechoice Planners, are now, not only introduced, but also on- the-mark for its success.

As what we featured with our previous project last year, 2010, The Mr. & Mrs. Bruderer huge two-storey house and lot, construction, we are now adding this one now to our list on this area- The Mr. & Mrs. Pollard Two- Storey house project.

This is now one of our on-going projects and on its fast development. We are happy to spread the great enhancement of this project, since when we started this just few months ago; having these house amenities to be: 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet & baths, living, receiving and kitchen areas, laundry area, carport and terrace.

We have this construction update as of June 21, 2011:

It now has its two-storey structure and fast development  soon. The project is that fast, and we are having the same target of 5-6 months of making this house to be done. All of us know that, all of us  in the management are aiming with the best outcome of this project and for the rest of the projects we have here in Pueblo areas, and mainly here in CDO area.

Our future updates and development of this project is open to all of you!


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