Homechoice Planners On-going Projects

As for now, the Homechoice Planners is having at least six (6) house construction package projects. Those are nearly done and would then be ready to move in by the homeowners. Those are in different models and sizes; as well as in different location in Pueblo. The other one is there in Valencia, Bukidnon. It is just one proof that our construction is not only operating and accepting construction works here in Cagayan de Oro, but also to neighboring cities. Of course, we highly consider the security and the complete convenience of our clients, as well as our workers.

Presently, the Luardo, Escalante, Bruderer, Naval are the other on-going projects and are going good and would meet the set time for those to be done. All of those are two-storey house buildings and having the complete, amazing, elegant and stylistic designs. The lot sizes and the floor areas are varied and the buildings are showing spacious due of its done maximization.

These house buildings worth million/s but those are worth, according to each home owner’s standard and like for their dream house. We are glad that we maintain the service we offer to our valued clients, as well as the respect of which we always see to it to be practiced; as extending our responsibility and role as house construction provider with enough time for more than enough architectural services.

The soon to be done projects will show and prove to numbers of people widely, that we can meet your desired planned house/s and we are sincere with our devotion with this profession and field of architecture. We will design for your house, we will construct that for you, and we will let you live on it with the ease, comfortably and with the budget you planned it to be possible.

On our next feature, we will show you the blessing for those houses, so that you will also know and see the done project with its complete amenities, interior designs and the totality on those houses that bring color on each owner’ living.


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