Kisanlu Iponan Project 1 Update

“Go for the right way for the right decision for the right and lighter duties to gain and perform.”

This project we have in Kisanlu  Iponan is now on it’s on the moment of enhancing the interior and its exterior works along with the plan of making it more appealing and that viewed according to what the architectural works prepared for this project unit we have. As per the development of this unit, we have the following areas of enhanced area as of December, this week:

Concreted garage
Completed septic tanks
Smoothed walling
Railings installation for stairs
Removing of scaffoldings on the back portion
Completed installation of ceiling
Tiled floorings

So far, these are the on-going enhancements for this unit, which we are now keeping on eye for its near completion; as the owner is expecting for its eminent result for this month. That’s what they are expecting and hoping to have this unit be done for this Christmas season, like what we are hoping too, but as our standard goes, this must be worked out according to plans and be then finished as what we planned to following the blue print we have in the right time as well. This is to make our work goodly and that perfectly molded to the best outcome which all of us are expecting to. Making all areas rightly worked out, and making all of the developments for this unit rightly following the right decision by the owner and the office team with the right architectural views as well, is would create right structure and magnificent and right house building to be!

So why not expect for the one which you are longing for, for your desired house to be?! We’ll be waiting for your right time and for your right decision to extend to us soon!


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