Mr. Joseph Buerano & Mrs. Analiza Buerano

“Building a house according to God’s ways is always being just!”

Just like of our on-going projects and soon to be done projects in different areas here in the city, this two-storey house project we have in Golden Glow Village, is on the accordance of God’s will to be started and to be done. As we have this project, which is should be started last year, but it is just this year which is being realized. Thus, in pertinence to my statement above, it is really good to start a house in accordance in the Lord. As its monthly update, we have the below developments we just did.

This two-storey house building is soon to be finished with its concrete structuring. It has now its foundation, for both the first and the second floor and the flooring for the second floor as of September 07, 2011. And now, the construction is still on-going with its scheduled over time for the workers to make it ready for the enhancement for this project to reach the scheduled finishing time. This will be more pleasing with its enhancement soon.

All of you are invited to follow our update for this project too in the future!


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