Mr. & Mrs. Loyola House-Soon to be done!

This house and lot construction project is also in Vista Verde Village, Pueblo. This is the only bungalow unit that is on-going this time in the area among the three projects there. This house unit is almost done with its total phases. And we are at the huge vigor to make this to be magnificently perfected on the due time.

As its development as of September 12, 2011, it has now the installed roofing and completed ceiling, tiled flooring, ready kitchen area, installed stones at its exterior front walling, framed and installed glass windows and sliding doors on its kitchen and master’s room area, bathroom tiled flooring and its accented walling, and its ready pin lights on every bed rooms and receiving and kitchen areas. This will soon to be done with its enhancement and to be completed with its fixtures in is interior and to be done exterior embellishing.

After a week for this, the house is will be done with its paintings, fixtures and the landscaping is now ready for it to be more green on its exterior and lawn. This will be turned-over on the 28th day of this month, as the owner would like it to ready on that date and for them also to celebrate the success of their conceptualized dream house for their family!

In advance, we would like to thank the entire family for their ideas and for making us their choice and to facilitate and actualize their house views to be!


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