Mr & Mrs. Luardo House Construction Update

The year 2010 is near to end, but the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation is still on its way and momentum to finish and make more of the ideal houses of all of its clients. Thus, as the on going construction house, owns by Mr. & Mrs. Luardo in Vista Verde, is now on its way to furnished looks! The pictures presented are the update fort the house. It is visibly having its elegance, positive aura, and the catchy color on its front view.

These are the photo update just on November 26, 2010. We are very happy to continue and serve you all with all of our best! Homechoice Planners is really know how to make you happy with your dream house to be. We are inviting you all to be one of those clients we have, who manage to extend their house longing and dream to build. This house construction we have for the Luardo’s family, is really much regarded!

An early congratulations to the soon to be turned over unit to the family! We are happy and excited to boost what we have just to meet your expectation for your designed and dreamt house hold.


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