Mr. & Mrs. McMann House & Lot Construction Update

“Through hard work and exchanged of ideas – will make the goal be accomplished!”

This Vista Verde Village project of house & lot we have is now also in action to its duly scheduled finishing. With its two-storey house structure, it is now on its next level of enhanced works. For its November construction updates, we have the following:

Spandrill installed
Septic tank done
Ceiling works done
On-going cabinets works
Partitioned areas for bedrooms, toilets and baths, garage, balcony/ terrace, living, kitchen areas, dirty kitchen and laundry areas.
Skim coat walling
Sun blast outside walling
Filed mangima stones at its front view

The only lacking developments for this project are the garage concreting and fencing. But the construction is still going-on for this one to be completed as well. This will going on to its finishing to be with its interior as well soon! The materials are ready for this unit to be smoothed and be having its tiles on for its specific areas and the soon to be viewed beatification in its interior. Last week, those bed rooms cabinets will be done too this week, as well as the paintings for each corner of this unit will be rolled too!

In every detail of this project was being contributed by each of the architect, client or the owner, the masons and those engineers on field, together with the construction workers, who are once again showed and contributed their behavior of being hard working people just to accomplish the main goal of this house to be look like so elegant. We are happy, that even to those people in the construction site, are that in one goal with us in the office staff, which is to serve our clients with full determination and hard work, just to make this unit be successfully made possible!


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