Mr. & Mrs. Morre Two-Storey House Project Update

Project enhancement is one of our goals in every thing we gain in the office. It is always be an honor for us to continue our service with full of hard work, faith, determination and ease, as possible. Just like the one we have in Morning Mist Village, Pueblo.

Just last week, June 15, 2011, we had this photo updates for Mr. & Mrs. Morre’s house. It has the following improvements: the two-storey-structure ( 1st and the 2nd floor), tiled flooring, piled stones on its interior, stares, varied color bed rooms with each built-in cabinets, ready toilet and baths with its accented tiles, ready  and tiled terrace, with light bulbs/ florescent/s ceiling with all of its architectural design and curves, and the soon to be done pathways on its side at its 1st floor dinning area, and its built cabinets in the kitchen area.

This is soon to be finished project we have for this year. We will be looking forward for this accomplishment soon! Our workers are still strong enough to continue the service they started blissfully and with our monitoring as well. Thus, this will be done accordingly. We are excited for the outcome of this project and for sure, we will share this to you, too!


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