Mr. & Mrs. Mosqueda House Construction in Opol area

This is one of the Bungalow house construction projects we have situated in Opol area. We are thankful to spread the news to all of our viewers and visitors of this site, that even in or neighboring areas, we still can penetrate with our projects. This is one of our goals to comply to, to serve everyone, not only Cagay-anons, but those who are outside the city with their house concerns.

As of this month’s update, it is now having its house structuring and total house foundation for the entire house building. It is now having its every partition needed in its interior, as well as the roofing; soon enough to have this one its own colorful beau on its next update.  Still, we will post more updates for every improvement of this first project we have in Opol area, so all of you are welcome to view those soon!


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