Mr. & Mrs. Mosqueda Opol House Project!

Among our projects for now, so far this is a quite having a big lot area, which becomes challenging for us. But still, since we have this service-oriented thinking to our clients, we still have this one on-going and are that dedicated to make this project with all ease and concept. This one is in Opol and has been started since April, this year. For almost 6 months now of constructing this building, we are on the level of perfecting the project with the following development we have.

It is having its vast on-going fenced concreting, installed roofing, done smoothening in all structured areas, framed and partitioned bed rooms, allocated bathrooms and it is ready for the incoming painting in its interior. It has now its ready ceiling for the art concept to be with its ready electrical slots.

We build according to the owner’s desire and ideas for this area to be. The construction is really moving and that progressing! We are now on the last part of the month to make this project be completely done. We will keep on updating you regarding this project for the soon to be completion and for the other enhancement of this unit to be as soon as possible!


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