Opol Misamis Oriental Construction Update

Opol house construction project unit we have is now on its final level of accomplishing. As per its development updates, we have the following:

Completed structure
Completed exterior phases
Interior partitions and amenities are completed
Built-in cabinets for kitchen, bed rooms and toilet and baths are completely done
Bed rooms color concepts are ready
Exterior painting is done
Fence is already on its 90 percent level

As a whole, this unit is now on its 95% level of its construction. We are now on the process of completing its fence to make the project be done 100%. As of the moment, the owner is already here to monitor the project and they already saw their master piece house unit. We will turn-over this one the soonest as possible. We are glad that, despite everything else we still manage to make this project to its goal of making the owner happy with its result.

It is really true that even amidst the trials we encounter, even in the profession we are in, there is always be happiness at the end, when being taken into account. Like this project we have, we are thankful for this that this one now is soon to be done through the hard work, skills, determination, and dedication of our construction workers and office staff with the marketing officers we have.

The only thing we could assure to the owner’s family is the service we offered and even to render when time comes, even after the work done. We are on the pick of making you happy with all of the possibility we could show and grant to all of you. From the inmost hearts and intention we have, we would like to thank you for making us as your arm and pillar to make this unit you desired to be, in a way, possible.

We’ll update you soon when we turn-over this one to the owner!


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