Phil-Am Life Village Project 1 Update

“Splendid aura of architecture is could be revealed through boosting plan as well.”

Who would not like to be known of the boosting and seemed to be magical planned architectural unit to be? A lot of us would rather make to our pick strength just to have the splendid result. Even in this field of building the unit you longed for, for our family, we always to make sure that things will get better and the most is, to make it even greater in terms of its ever predicted concept. Just like this project we have in Phil-Am Life Village now, we called this as the project 1 here, since at this point, this is the on-going unit which is on construction, though we already have another units built here.

For this house project we have, this is also a two-storey having the 200 s.q.m lot area, 230 s.q.m. floor area, 6 bed rooms and 5 toilet & baths and those quite many and luxurious interior house amenities for the 1st and 2nd floors. This is really a big house structure to be for the owner and the family. As for the record for its construction run through, we already had its ground breaking and lot dedication last November 03, 2011. That was in preparation for the series of construction activities that are now in line for this unit to be made greatly.

Just this month of December, we started the construction for this unit and now on its 7th day of construction. As per the update of this project, we have the following:

Ready foundation pillars for the big structure
Concrete poured for all the pillars foundation
Installation reinforcement for 2nd floor column
Installation of forms
Pouring of column for 2nd floor
Filling of CHB or hollow blocks

This area is really rocky, which made our workers into tremendous labor just to make their work be done with the digging and area preparation in challenged. But with the unified strength of every body in the field, and with the help of God’s strength, they made the foundation with the ease and the full safety for all of our workers.

As planned, this will be done within 6 months and for 6 months also for our workers to have their patience, dedication, hard work and loyalty to their profession and field chosen. Of course, even us in the office, this will be another unit for us to take into account to be finished with ease, hopefully and that successfully made possible with the full guidance and safety needed for all of our workers on field. That is the only prayer we have for them, who give their very best to the office, to us, marketing officer, the company, to the clients, and to their families mainly.

This is one of the projects we have that is being closed this month of merriness, which we are all keep on eye with the laborious yet full of gayness we would be. We will keep you updated for the development of this big house to be and hope all of you to have a really MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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