Phil-Am Life Village Project for this month

“ New start for a new day of hope from the old day of real life!”

This project in Philam Life Village we have is now on its new beginning of continuing its progress of construction with its house amenities. After the flood, we are now on the motion of making this project continuously working with the following development updates:

Pouring of Roof beam in 100%
Soil back filling at ground floor slab
Filling of CHB in 65%
Removing of scaffolding and forms
Filling of CHB in 85% just recently done this week
Removing of scaffoldings and forms

For next week we will be having this activity for this project:

Continuation of CHB filling
Pouring of ground floor slab
Removing of forms and scaffoldings
Filling of ground floor slab
Electrical works

Those are the improvements for this project, which is to be done within 6 months long. It is so good to hear that we are doing well with this project. This will then be another unit we have in this subdivision which is also in big structure as those units in this area, which are really magnificently made for the Excellency of the architectural works and field. We motion according to the process of how we perceived and plan for our client.

The recently done calamity might have affected us, but despite everything, we are longing and serving our client in full blast of dedication, following the new precursor for the new life from a real life’s tantrum. And with this project unit we have in this area, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Almighty of making us all in the construction firm healthy and safe, to continue our service and the vision we have in the company.


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