Philam-Life Village Project 1 Update

Family. It is the most fundamental of all social groups, a basic social institution at the very care of society. In our company, family is important because the values institutionalized in a family have long been regarded as important enough to warrant strong measures. And because we at HomeChoice Planners treat each other as family, we have strong bond and ties in our company. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and it is but right that we call ourselves as family. And this value that we have, we also extend it to our clients.

The clients that we had, we consider them as part of our family already. In a family, you would do things that would benefit the most to your family. You want to serve and please them with the things that they desire. That’s what we do here in our company, for better service to our clients we make sure that we build their house according to their desires.

Just like this house construction that we have at Philam-Life Village, we work on things according to the family’s plan. To be true to them, we keep them updated through posting photos as to the developments to their house. And as to the developments of this house, last week we were able to work on the following:

Panganto 70%
-Installation of steel truss 100%
-Pouring of stairs 100%
-Installation of railings at terrace 100%

As for this week, the activities done are as follows:

Skim coating 65%
Plastering 100%
Faring works 40%
Panganto 95%
Roofing works 70%

Next week, we have plans on continuing its Skim coating and do the Faring works, Panganto and Roofing works. Other developments of this project will be posted soon. Photos will also be posted on this site and on our facebook pages. Do check it out guys!